What is Mother of Pearl?

It’s a term that’s heard all the time, but how many of us would be able to define exactly what mother of pearl (also known as nacre) really is?

In fact, it’s a composite material which some molluscs produce as an inner shell layer. And it is used to form the outer coating of pearl jewellery – hence the name.
Mother of pearl has a number of qualities – including strength and resilience, and it is also iridescent, meaning it can change in appearance depending on the angle it is viewed from.

The interior layers of the pearl oyster and frewshwater pearl mussel shells are made from nacre. Some other marine gastropods also have a nacreous inner shell.

Mother of pearl has a number of uses, including in architecture, fashion, and an inlay and decorative motif on a number of musical instruments.

The strength and water resistance of this material make it good for use in craft mosaics, so no wonder mother of pearl mosaic tiles are increasingly popular among hobbyists.

And a mother of pearl mosaic can be good indoors as well as outside, for example in the garden.

Tiles can be found these days in a stunning range of shapes, sizes and colours, and could be the perfect answer if you’ve come up with a fantastic craft idea. Buy them in kits of up to 600 pieces.

The Internet is the best starting point if you are looking for high quality mother of pearl mosaic tiles at affordable prices.

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