Top Craft Mosaic Making Tips

Whether you’re making mother of pearl mosaics or anything kind of mosaic, beginning your project can seem daunting, especially if you are new to crafting. Follow these simple tips for an easier route to success:

1.) Select the Best Project
You need to choose the project that’s right for you and your skill level, and know the shape you are mosaicking so that you know the pattern and size of tiles to use. If you’re new to the craft, you may want to stick to things with straight lines, such as picture frames and mirrors.

2.) Type of surface
Whether you go for a mother of pearl mosaic tile or anything else, think about the surface. Beginners may want to stick to glass, pottery and cement since these take the mosaic well and are not hard to work with. Once you gain experience you can think about graduating to metal, ceramics and wood.

3.) Choose good quality supplies
You’re likely to need tiles, grouting, sealants and adhesives, nippers to trim the glass being used in the mosaic, which can cut glass, china or ceramic. Look for good quality cutting edges and spring-loaded handles. Some of these designed for class have shaping wheels rather than cutting edges. You will also need small spongers and spreaders for grout an adhesive.

Another tip is to draw your pattern carefully on the surface being mosaicked, before you start. You can use coloured markers to indicate the areas of the pattern where various shades of the pattern will go.

Finally, cutting all your tiles before you start your project will save time.

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