Saving Money on Your Pets

Most people wouldn’t be without their pets; however, in the current economic climate they can represent a significant drain on your income. Here are some simple ways for you to save money on your pets without having to get rid of them.

1. Shop around for pet insurance. Like all types of insurance, there are a number of factors that affect insurance premium costs, including the age and breed of your pet. Different insurers also offer different prices so do shop around, while still making sure that you choose an adequate level of cover.

2. Be cautious with vet visits. You wouldn’t run off to the GP at the slightest sniffle, so don’t do the same for your pet, particularly as vet visits are expensive. However, don’t cut out your pet’s vaccinations, as these protect your pet against serious illnesses, which would cost you even more money as well as upset.

3. Don’t skimp on quality pet foods. Some pet owners think that making their own pet foods will save money and be more nutritious. Yet, the right pet food can protect your animal from health problems such as obesity, heart disease and dental problems, and human food does not contain all of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your pet needs for a healthy diet.

4. Look for other people to help look after your pets. Going away or on holiday can cause high kennel bills so consider getting a housesitter or asking around your friends and family to find someone to look after your pet.

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