Travelling with Your Pet

It is now much easier to take your pet abroad than it once was. This saves you money on high kennels bills and also gives you the pleasure of enjoying your trip abroad in the company of your beloved pet. However, there are a number of things to remember when looking at taking your pets abroad – here are a few of them.

1. Pet Passports
A pet passport is required for any pet travelling from one EU country to another. If you are travelling to or from a non-EU country, then you will need an official third-country veterinary certificate. Check with the country’s regulations first though, as some non-EU countries, such as Switzerland and Norway, now issue pet passports too.

2. Quarantine
Quarantine is no longer a legal requirement for pets resident in the UK or other qualifying countries. To check if you meet the rules, check out Defra’s pet travel scheme information.

3. Pet Travel Scheme
The pet travel scheme involves fitting your pet with a microchip which allows it to be properly identified. You will also need to get it vaccinated against rabies and arrange a blood test to verify that the satisfactory protection has been given. Just before you travel (no less than 24 hours and no more than 48 hours) you will need to get it treated against ticks and tapeworms before it travels to the UK.

If you have any doubts about your pet’s right to travel, check against the Defra pet travel scheme rules and consult with your travel operator.

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