Pet tracking devices rising in popularity

There’s no doubting that owners love their pets and these days there are plenty of products available to help them pamper their dogs and cats in style. For example, they can stock up on nutritious pet food to help ensure their four-legged friends stay in good health. Also, there are plenty of toys and treats on the market. Owners can even take their animals into special pet salons.

However, it seems people’s desire to look after their animals is now going one step further. According to a report on WalesOnline, there is a growing trend in pet care that sees owners tracking their creatures.

The publication revealed that sales of tracking devices that can be fitted to cats are rising. One device, the G-PAWS GPS data recorder, has seen an increase in pre-orders of 350 per cent over recent weeks. Meanwhile, the firm Pawtrax revealed it has sold 600 GPS tracking devices for cats and dogs since forming three years ago.

Also, Sony Japan has released a dog harness to which owners can attach a high-definition camera.

Cat owner Marianne Rhys is a fan of pet tracking technology. She revealed that the locator device worn by her eight-year-old cat Boris helped her husband, Jeff, to find the animal when it got trapped in a neighbouring garage roof space.

He now wants to invest in a camera to attach to the creature, but Ms Rhys is not so keen. She revealed she doesn’t want to see the cat’s “hunting skills in action”.

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