Top 5 Places You Must Visit In East India

It is surprising how people forget the eternal beauty of East India. This paradise unexplored is blessed with lofty mountain ranges, deep dark forests and scenic lakes. Most of the places in East India need an inner line permit to visit. However, if you go ahead with the intention of exploring the wonderful land, you will realize how beautiful it is.

Here are 5 beautiful places in East India which you must visit for an experience of a lifetime!

  1. Dawki, Meghalaya

One of the most beautiful towns in East India, Dawki is located in the road crossing between Indian and Bangladesh. There is a clean and scenic river which goes by the name Dawki or Umngot which is an important attraction here. There is an annual boat race that happens every year in the month of March.

There is also a bridge over the river which is called Dawkibridge – built by Englishmen during the British rule in India. Reach Shillong Airport and take a local cab for a 95 kilometer drive through deep gorges to reach the city of Dawki.

  1. Majuli, Assam

This is a large river island famous for its cultural celebrations, located on the mighty Brahmaputra River. If you are a bird lover, then this is the best place in East India for bird watching. The glowing meadows and rice fields are a treat to the eyes. The sad part of this beautiful place is that scientists say that the place will cease to exist in 20 years. This is because of the uncontrolled land erosion.

You can reach Majuli from Jorhat which has an airport. There are flights from Guwahati daily and you can use makemytrip coupons from to save money as discounts and cashback. You will have to drive from Jorhat to Majuli.

  1. Mon, Nagaland

Get ready to be transported back in time when you visit Mon district in Nagaland. This place is famous for its traditional villages and tattooed people. There are deep forests in the place which have some rare wildlife. Some World War II exhibits are still in this place and you can spend your time fishing here. The greenery in this place is an instant attraction and will make anyone fall for it.

The nearest airport in Johrat which is 160 km away from Mon. Make use of goibibo coupons when travelling to Johrat to save some money. From there, take a bus ride to Sonari and from Sonari take another bus to Mon.

  1. Phawngpui, Mizoram

This place is called the Blue Mountain of Mizoram is the highest peak in Mizoram. The place is filled with flowers and fruit trees. At a height of 1800 meters, the place is a scenic beauty which captivates many. Phawngpui is home to some rare and endangered animals like Tiger, Leopard Cat, Black Bear and Goral.

Aizwal is the closest settlement to Phawngpui and you can reach the place from there via road. The road trip is fantastic and you will definitely enjoy it.

  1. Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh

Famous for the enchanting valley of Mechuka, the place is also the residence to Memba Tribe – one of the oldest tribes in the area. The scenic beauty of the place is sure to captivate you and the snow-capped mountains are a beauty to behold from near. There is a Buddhist Monastery which is 400 years old on top of the Mechuka hills.

Reaching the place is easy from Itanagar airport. One has to take a jeep to Mechuka from the airport. The ride is bumpy but totally worth it!

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