Home Theatre System Gives The Real Experience Of Cinema Hall


Home Cinema is also known as home theatre and it is considered as home entertainment systems that are totally synonymous to movie theatre experience. Everyone can enjoy the fun of theatre while sitting at home. It comprises of DVD Player, Standard Definition Large Screen Television with 27”size and a home theatre in box includes surround speaker system with a subwoofer and it comes under economical system and the expensive home theatre system includes Blue ray disc player, home theatre PC, Digital media receiver, high – definition video projector and projection screen with over 100 inch diagonal screen size with 5 to 11 surround sound speakers and one or two powerful subwoofer. The user can also enjoy the 3D home theatre system which includes 3D TV sets or projectors and Blue Ray 3D Player and the user can wear 3D glasses and can enjoy the 3D movies.


The home cinema design gives the real experiences of cinema theatre. To design the home theatre various types of high quality components are needed to build it.  The various components used for making it are as follows:

  •        Audio & Video Input Devices:

Normally Blue Ray disc is favored and some of the home theatres include Home Theatre PC, remote and one or more audio/ video sources.

  •        Audio Processing Devices:

  It depends upon the user wishes.

  •        Video Output:

A large screen display is used like HDTV, SDTV, 3D TV, LCD or Plasma TV.

  •        Audio Output:

This system includes 2 Speakers for stereo sound and for the surround sound 11 speakers with the additional sub- woofers are used.

  •        Atmosphere:

To have a cinema feel, comfortable seating is important.

  •        A Home Theatre Receiver:

To enjoy the surround sound, a home theatre receiver is necessary. It act as a control center as it controls the whole process like it processes the audio signals, amplifies them and finally sends to the speakers.

  •        Cables, Power Protector:

These are the essential accessories needed for the connections. Different types of cables are needed such as audio cables, video cables or speaker cables.Some fans also use power protector used to give a better picture and accurate video.

  •        Remotes:

The remote is the most important part of the home theatre system which makes the viewers relaxed sitting at one place and controlling the whole system.

  •        Internet Connection:

It provides access to media on networked computer.

  •        A/V Furniture, Speaker Stands & Speaker Stands:

According to room’s size and shape, furniture, stands are needed.

Qualities of Good Home Cinema System

  •        Great Sound Quality

The best home cinema system gives superb or top most quality audio, realistic sound effects and clarity in dialogues. It keeps the concentration of viewer totally into the film by giving them the best sound quality.

  •        Easy to use

The good home cinema system is very easy to use and easy to operate.

  •        Easy to set-up

With the help of clear instruction manuals, made the setup very easy to install and reduced the time of set- up.

By the use of good quality home theatre, everyone in the family can enjoy the movies just having the same feel of cinema hall.

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  1. Home theatre is really amazing to see in this you can watch your favourite shows and movies on big screen. Home theatre is not a just medium of entertainment as in this you will get useful knowledge also. So now the Home theatre is available in which images appear like live images. Watching movies on this digital television is really a good experience.

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