The Perfect Space Optimisation Tool

Today is the era of modernisation, elegance and optimum utilization of the space and resources available. With the changing times there is generally a paucity of space in the homes, offices, showrooms etc. In order to overcome this problem a new innovation in the form of operable walls has taken place.

Operable walls are also popularly known as room dividers, Air walls, flat panels, movable walls and folding walls. The movable walls add to the flexibility and enhance the functionality of the space available. These consist of sequences of interconnecting flat panels with customised designs according to the height and size of the area.

There are three configurations available for these operable partitions or walls. The specialised engineers design them by using either one configuration or may combine two or all of these to create greater flexibility.

To give them a very fine and elegant finish  the standard vinyl colours are used along with high pressure lamination, architectural fusions, optional fabric, vaneer, murals and other custom surfaces etc.

The various types of operable door options include frame and prep for windows and peep viewer. Pocket doors are also a type of operable walls which cover the opening of the partitioned storage area. These may be factory finished to exactly match the partitions of the perimeter walls.

Some operable walls also have the security system as a value addition to prevent any type of hindrance or damage when the walls or partitions are moving. In case of some smaller setup, manual operation can be used.

The latest designs of the operable walls are increasingly in use at various setups such as Art cafes, museums and exhibition halls, Art galleries, Gymnasiums and theatres, Auditoriums. Offices, schools and universities also are using the concept of the movable and adjustable walls to efficiently use the space available. Large marriage halls and hotels also use the operable walls so as to use the halls effectively and in accordance to the gathering.

The inbuilt and specially designed system in these Omni- directional walls can be easily reconfigured when required. The walls can easily move one panel or all of the panels altogether on multiple axis on the tracks laid down for them. These tracks may be in a straight line, curved or in a cross section.

The frequency adjustment during the designing of the operable wall scan adjust its speed automatically and easily, giving less pressure on the tracks and are almost noiseless while moving on the tracks. Only a press of a button may deploy or store the panels at the end of the track when not in use.

Being used and tested at various places it also resists the main source of disturbance that is the noise from the other side and hence it is ideal for the partitions in the class rooms, labs, universities set ups, Theatres etc.

No one needs to worry about the money invested in the operable walls of any inconvenience related to the renovation or demolition as these walls have been specially designed to match up the seismic safety and its self-support. These walls are extremely low maintenance.

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