Three Common Signs Your Boiler Needs To Be Repaired

The last thing you want to happen during the dead of winter is for your home’s boiler to go out. There are some signs you need to be aware of that could indicate a boiler program. If you are aware of these signs, you can call for repairs and prevent your boiler from breaking down. Some of these signs can also prevent you or your family from becoming ill.

A Noisy Boiler

Your boiler may make noises when something is wrong with it. If it makes a whistling or banging noise, there could be several reasons for it. One of the most common reasons is air trapped in the boiler’s system. Air can get into the system through faulty valves, bad connections or through the expansion tank connected to the boiler. In order to correct the problem, the air would need to be released and the leak repaired.

Another reason for a noisy boiler is restricted water flow in your boiler, which leads to kittling. Water flow is usually restricted when limescale builds up in the pipes. You will be able to tell when the boiler is kettling because when the water is trapped, it is heated and becomes too hot and starts to steam. When it steams, the water expands and you will hear a whistling noise, much like that of a tea kettle.

Weak Water Pressure

Usually, when your boiler has weak water pressure, it is because there is a water leak in the system. Water could be leaking from a corroded connection, a leaking valve or for many other reasons. Weak water pressure could also be a sign that the pressure relief valve needs to be replaced.

A pressure relief valve keeps the boiler from blowing up when too much pressure builds up in the system. However, sometimes they leak and may need to be replaced. The relief valve should be tested occasionally because they can rust shut and it will be as if your boiler doesn’t have one at all. Although you can test the valve yourself, it is far better to allow professional plumbers in Edinburgh like Blackhall do the testing to keep you from being scalded.

Pilot Light doesn’t Stay Lit

If the pilot light on your boiler doesn’t stay lit, you will wake up to a cold house in the morning. There are several reasons that the pilot light keeps going out, including a draft where the boiler is kept. Check for air blowing through the area before attempting to relight the pilot. In addition, make sure no gas fumes have built up before you strike a match or spark your lighter.

Boilers can be dangerous because leaking gas can build up and explode when a spark ignites them. In addition, carbon monoxide can also build up if there is something wrong with your boiler. You should have a carbon monoxide detector in your home so you will know carbon monoxide is building up in your home. If it is, call for a professional gas engineer for repairs.

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