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How To Make Your Home More Accessibility Friendly

You may well have been living in your home for many, many years now and a change in circumstance has led you to re-evaluate how accessibility-friendly your property is now your level of mobility is reducing.

Conversely, perhaps you have moved into a new home and need to redesign certain elements to make it easier to get around. Either way, you have certainly clicked on the right article, as here is how to make your home more accessibility friendly.

Install A Wet Room

If you have been able to save money enough to seriously rehaul your home and are looking for ways to drastically improve your quality of life living inside your own home, then the installation of a wet room would make a huge difference.

Not only will the addition of a wet room mean that you and the rest of your household will be able to shower and bath much more easily and be able to enjoy the experience, but it will also mean the total value of your property would increase substantially.

Replace Wooden Floors With Carpets

There are, indeed, numerous aesthetic advantages to a wooden floor, especially in the hall and kitchen areas that are near the doors to the outside, but if you have recently found your levels of mobility have reduced, carpeting should be one of your top priorities.

Walking and moving around on a carpet is not only softer on your feet and much less slippery, but a soft and good quality carpet from prestigious suppliers, such as aflooringboutique.co.uk, will also provide a safe place to land should you lose your footing. Conversely, if you or another member of your family is now using a wheelchair, then wooden flooring is, naturally, more appropriate.

Focus On The Power

Another way to make your home much more mobility-friendly and wheelchair accessible is to lower the power sockets in the main rooms of use and to lower the light switches too. Alternatively, changing the light switches to a pull cord instead would also make it easier for everyone.

Another, admittedly considerably less common, change to a home for people who have issues with their mobility is to consider replacing your current door, or doors, with automatic doors instead. Again, this is much more appropriate for people who are now permanently confined to a wheelchair but could be somewhat pricey.

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Finally, the less clutter on the floors and on the cupboard and worktop spaces in your home, the less likely it is that you could miss your step, or fall into something, which could cause you pain and additional health issues.

With ornaments and other decorative home furnishings, ensure that everything is off the floor and not at risk of falling onto the floor unnoticed. Invest in some new storage baskets which are aesthetically attractive and can be on display in the room, but can house everyday items you will need, without getting in the way.