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Skin-Care Routine To Follow In This Winter Season

Winter is finally here, which means wrapping up warm, log burners, bracing walks in the cold, and a hot drink or two! The winter festivities make this a time many look forwards to, but if you suffer from dry skin, you might dread the colder months. The bitter cold combined with indoor heating leaves your skin feeling dry, tight, itchy, and sore. If you suffer from conditions like eczema and psoriasis, these will likely worsen as the temperature drops.

There is still hope. By making small changes and upping your skincare routine, you can have healthy winter skin that feels hydrated and comfortable.

Apply Sunscreen

Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen all year round to protect your delicate skin from harmless UV rays. So, applying it as part of your daily skincare routine is still important, even when it’s cold and grey. This is especially the case on snowy days because the snow reflects the sun’s rays, multiplying your UV exposure.

If you like to keep your routine simple, you can find face cream or makeup that contains SPF. It makes it easy to protect your skin and keeps you looking younger!

Remember To Moisturize

Winter doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your skincare routine completely. Marketing might try to convince you that you need specialist products during the winter, but sticking to your usual moisturizer will keep your skin happy and hydrated. In fact, experts don’t recommend changing things up too dramatically as it can upset your skin during a time when it needs lots of TLC. If you don’t currently moisturize every day and get dry skin during winter, try using some gentle products such as Aveeno, CeraVe, Simple, or Cetaphil.

Dermatologists advise people to avoid anything that could aggravate the skin during winter, such as exfoliating acids, retinoids, and vitamin c. Keep it simple and safe.

Consider A Professional Skin Treatment

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to a pamper, especially after a long year of hard work. You have a good excuse; winter and autumn are the best time of year to consider skin treatments. Unlike in the summer, where many people worry about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, your skin will have time to settle in the winter. It won’t be at risk as much. Regular treatments with salons like will keep your skin hydrated and glowing, aiding your general skincare regime. It’s the perfect antidote to dry winter skin.

Avoid Long, Hot Baths

A hot bath or steamy shower is a beautiful thought in the depths of winter, but when it comes to your skin, it’s a bad idea. The hot water can dry out your skin and make dryness worse, especially if you suffer from eczema. Keep the water lukewarm. Top tip: if your skin turns red, the water is too hot!

When you are washing, choose fragrance-free body washes that are designed for sensitive skin. This will minimize irritation, drying of the skin, and disruption of the natural microbiome.