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Four Essential Character Pieces To Add To Your Home

Upgrading the home is so much more worthwhile than just aiming to boost your own return. You shouldn’t make any upgrades if your only concern is boosting your home’s value because then you’re not upgrading your property for yourself; you’re upgrading it for the next owner. While yes, you may move in a few short years, there’s also a good chance this property could be your home for longer. Even then, you deserve to live in a property that reflects you and your design choices.

Add those character pieces. Go wild with the design. So long as the execution is to a high standard, you will find someone who will fall in love with your property. If your design tastes include vintage or classic designs, then you’ll likely have buyers jumping at the bit to live in your property.

More than that, however, you’ll love your property more. That, more than anything else, is the most important, so consider adding these four essential character pieces to your home. 

Fireplace Upgrade

Fireplaces are a great focal point in any space. Not only do they tend to draw the eye, they also act as the heart and hearth of the space. If you aren’t inspired or are outright bored with your living space (whether you have an existing fireplace already or not), upgrading your fireplace is a great way to add warmth to the space. An old fashioned fireplace, in particular, can really add character and function, making it a top design investment for your living space. 

Custom Flooring

Floors take up a huge portion of the visual space in any room, and changing them out can drastically change the tone of a room. You can make even a new property feel grander and more stately by upgrading the flooring with a warmer, more weathered hardwood floor. When it comes to changing out the floor, you really need to consider the color tone. Even grey floors can vary drastically from a cool tone to a warm tone.

The reason why tone is important is that it changes the colors and even the furniture, cupboards, and materials you can use in the space. 

Vintage Hardware

A very fast, easy way to add character pieces to your home is to go around vintage markets or even look for some vintage-inspired hardware. Doorknobs, knockers, handles, letter slots, and even taps can all make a massive visual difference to your space. Don’t be afraid of options that look good but are very rusted, either. There’s a lot of ways you can remove that rust and restore those pieces in just a few steps, allowing you to save big on these pieces and add a lot of character to your property. 

Custom Light Fixtures

Lighting is another key feature that will transform your space. Adding overhead lights adds function, while low lights like table or floor lamps add depth and warmth to the room. Regardless of what type of lighting you prefer, opting for a custom option rather than just relying on the builder’s standards is an easy, effective way to transform the look and feel of your home.