Hacks For Selecting And Maintaining Indoor Stair

With the popularity of duplex house, indoor stair becomes a key for home decoration. Here are selecting methods and maintenance tips for indoor stair:

1 the safety for stair

Load bearing capacity: stair plays the role of connecting upstairs and downstairs, safety is the prominent factor for selecting indoor stair. The safety of stair is embodied in its load bearing capacity – whether the mechanical structure of stair is reasonable, whether each components of stair can bear weight for each other; whether the load bearing capacity of each stair step reach 400 kg.

Skid resistant measure: for safety consideration, skid resistant measure should be taken on stair. Wooden stair can select professional non-slip mat or paste prill. Do not wax stair like floor. Antislip strip should be pasted or having frosting treatment when the step is made of glass.

Round corner process: all the component of stair should be smooth. There is no protruding, sharp part on stair.

2 environmental protection property of stair

This mainly refers to the environmental protection property of solid wood stair. The paint for step should be free of hazardous substances.

3 the ornamental value of stair

Stair is not only used to connect up and down space, but also has great influence on the integral decoration effect. Therefore, ornamental value of stair should also be considered when selecting stair – style, material, color etc.
4 the noise of stair

Except sturdy, safe and ornamental value of stair, the noise of stair is another consideration when selecting stair. The noise created by stepping on stair should not be too loud – it should not affect people’s life and rest. In fact, the noise of stair has relation to the material and integral design of stair, the connection of component.

Maintenance tips for indoor stair

1 damp proofing, fire proofing and anticollision of stair

Damp proofing, fire proofing and anti-collision is critical to stairs, no matter it is wooden, steel or iron. Wooden stair will decayed by damp. Steel and iron stair will rust for damp.

2 be careful to the daily cleaning method of stair

The wrong cleaning way for stair is that washing by water. Correct method should be spray detergent on the stain and then wipe with soft rag.

3 the maintenance of stair handrail and step plate

Handrail, step plate that often contact with people has shorter service life than other components, therefore, waxing them with dedicated wax and floor protection wax. For preventing partial wear of wooden stair, carpet is often used. Check carpet for stair here. Insolating under strong sunlight for long time and sharp change in indoor temperature will cause aging of paint on stair step. Measures should be taken to prevent these situations.

4 the maintenance of connecting pieces of stair

The change of temperature and humidity will cause physical changes of stair. Check the connecting pieces of stair in fixed period to prevent loose and worm-damage. Collapse, wear, worm damage and the erosion of fungus are the common damage for connecting pieces of stair. All these need to be repaired by professionals. Although we can ask professionals for help when problems occurs, proper maintenance can prolong the service life of stair largely.