Powerful Effects Brought By Your Small Steps In Home Decorating

Home decorating is not an easy job. You not only need to have an integrated plan about your decorating, but also have to pay attention to the details which may advance your decorating level. 

Put the picture frame too high may break the artistic feeling

If you have to look up to appreciate the art work, it proves that the picture frame is too high. L bet you do not want to raise your head to enjoy the works no matter seat or stand up. The best height is the height of your eyes. Look at the top edge of the door frame, if your works is too large, it had better not exceed the top edge of the frame. No matter where you stand or seat, you will feel comfortable to see it. There is a catchy rule for it: if the wall painting is at the back of the sofa, up 15 centimetersfor the bottom wall painting frame contrasting to sofa backrest.

Ignore the window equals to decline bright

The bed sheet and carpet is for bed but not for windows. Window decorating not only stands for an end for the room decorating. Window is to the room what jewelry is to women. Except paint, window is the easiest and cheapest way to change the whole room feeling. What the rule for hanging the window? Normally, the curtain is 5 centimeters higher than the tope edge window frame. If your ceiling is very high, you may hang the curtain from the top to the bottom, which can amplify the space. Of course, you might as well shelter the light by a small roman curtain.

The unsuitable light affects your mood

Normally, people agree that the blub is blub and the lamp over is lamp cover and the light is light. They do not realize the influence the light brought to them. If you want to adjust your different mood by different lights at different time, the dimmer switch is a great weapon, which is cheap and easy to install as well as create the atmosphere and feeling you wanted. When choosing lights, you should learn the function for every space and choose the suitable one for every space. For example, in your home office, you need a lamp to illuminate the work place.

Afraid to use color equals to waste color

Color collocation may offer a different feeling for your home. But many people do not know how to collocate it. Most people are fancy about the colors but afraid to use it. They afraid they use the wrong color matching. We should try use colors on the wall and learn to love it. As long as use the environmental protection paint, you may scrawl on the wall without limitation. If you do not like it, you may cover it by other colors. You may visit http://www.melodyhome.com to find more.