What Is An SSSTS Training Course And Why Is It Important?

The construction domain is infamous for safety and security issues. The site is often a bare space for anyone working, especially the labourers to encounter dangers that can result in unexpected injuries, amputation, and scarring. Your workers are precious and a team is as valuable as a family. Hence, one must take crucial measures to spread awareness, give proper guidance, and educate as much as possible their team members to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for everyone, including our environment.

In recent years, due to more awareness, many construction industries have started appointed Site supervisors and administered the importance of an SSSTS course. To get better insights into what it is and why it is important, follow the discussion below!

What Is An SSSTS Course?

An SSSTS course is a Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme, a reputed and accredited training course by CITB especially designed for educating people about the range of challenges associated with safety, health, and environment centred around a construction site. CITB is a reputed body that organizes and standardizes safety regulations. The course is meant for the workers or supervisors who are looking forward to expanding the domain of their responsibilities and invest their time and energy in useful resources.

Importance Of The SSSTS Course:-

SSSTS training courses are extremely crucial for a site supervisor to regulate and manage safety parameters at the site. The given points help understand their importance:

  • A supervisor is responsible for the safety and proper management of the construction site. With certified training, he/she comes in a better position to perform their duties with better knowledge.
  • It helps in providing proper education regarding the safety protocols and on how to tackle emergencies.
  • It enables constructive management and imparting of occupational health training of site workers, managers, gangers, supervisors.
  • The course is meant to train a supervisor to correctly implement strategies and measure incorrect orders meant for avoiding any injuries, damage to equipment and assets, loss of business, and most importantly, to proffer the safety of the environment.

On completion of SSSTS training courses, one can expect the trainee to become aware of the following:

  • Jobs and Responsibilities regarding site safety and security.
  • Why is the safety of site and measures taken to prevent any unfortunate incidents important?
  • Their contribution to the safety of the site.


Considering the importance of the given course, it is highly recommended for all supervisors and managers.