How To Make The Perfect Juliet Balconies?

This balcony design got its name from the famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. It is the exact design of the balcony in which the heroine stood and asked what’s in a name!

That is not the only reason why this balcony shape is famous. It has a classic charm to it and is compact yet stylish. These are sometimes so shallow that you cannot go out and stand. It is the safety railing put outside the window that gives it the look of a balcony.

Originally, people in Spain, Italy, and France used to go for Juliet balconies, and they experimented a lot with their railing designs. With time, they became famous everywhere, and people started giving the top windows of their homes a look similar to these balconies. They bring life to the otherwise dull structure by bringing some elements of the outside world indoors.

Tips For Designing A perfect Juliet Balcony:-

Balcony Facing

The most significant decision is to decide which direction your balcony will face. Choose the window having the best view for the transformation. Make sure it allows a lot of fresh air and natural light to come inside the room. This way, your balcony will become a good source of ventilation, and the aesthetics will be appealing too.

Seating Area

If you have enough space for the extension, plan to keep some chairs and tables out in the open to enjoy the weather. Moreover, you can do so even if you do not have enough outdoor space. Keep some comfy seating area near the window, which you are transforming. It is all about planning the arrangement well.

Sliding Doors

Space is already an issue with the Juliet balconies. Hence, do not opt for the doors that open either inside or out. It will block more space and give a congested appearance. Choose the sliding doors instead, which solves your space issues and keeps a touch of modernity in your structure.


Décor is a vital part of this design. You do have to put in some effort in setting up the right feel in these balconies to make the most of it. Opt for furnishings that calm the mind and compliment your interiors. Put some plants, flowers and a wooden seating arrangement to make it look like a scene from the play itself.

These are the simple yet effective ways to design these balconies for that classic, sophisticated aesthetic appeal. As there are a lot of technicalities involved, you should seek expert help in the entire process. Hire experienced teams with a record of designing multiple balconies, and let them work their magic.