Slow Travel In Greater Rome

This article is mainly based on an insight into the amazing world of the Greater Rome. This is divided into main subtopics that include; places to dine, places to shop, places for accommodation and places to interact with the locals and experience their culture. Places to dine. Rome has a variety of excellent spots that serve delicious cuisines. These places include restaurants, bars, cafes and other eateries. Such places include;

Places to dine

• – Tavola Calda

Which literally means hot plate. This is a spot for the tourist that is interested in a quick lunch. They serve a range of traditional Italian food that is charged at a price of under €15 per person.

• -Fal

Fal near Porta Furba is another great spot that specializes mainly in exotic flavors at relatively low prices.

• –Volpetti Piu near Pyramide metro station is also an excellent spot for the tourist that is interested in Italian specialties.

• –Via di Giovanni in Laterano 88(Trattoria Luzzi) is a perfect spot for lunch when touring the Forum/Colosseum and has good local Italian food, wine and good prices too.

• –Via del Seminario 89(Rome, Pantheon: La Sagrestia) has been many a time been referred to as the best thin crust pizza location in the world.

• –Via dei Genovesi 37(Rome, Trastavere: Le Mani in Pasta) is considered a petit restaurant that focuses on pasta and seafood.

• – Osteria La Gensola that mainly specializes on fish, offers food that is around €30 per person including win… Places to shop

• – The market at Campo dei Fiori is considered the best place to do shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, Italian specialties and fish.

Places to shop

• –Mercato Piazza Vittorio is a very popular shopping joint with the growing ethnic and immigrant communities.

• –The Auchan at Porto de Roma is a good spot for doing heavy shopping. Places for accommodation

• –Hotel Domus Aventina which is a three-star restaurant located on the leafy Aventine hill in Aventina

• –Hotel S. Anselmo which is a four star restaurant that is newly refurbished and is located in the leafy Aventine hill.

• –Caesar House (three star), located in Colosseo, has impressive accommodations that include large rooms and modern bathrooms and above all has friendly staff who are helpful with restaurant accommodations.

Places for accommodation

• –Hotel Giardino located in Via 24 Maggio, Colosseo which is clean and friendly restaurant with easy access to places of interest such as Trevi Fountain. Places to interact with locals and learn their culture

• – The Colosseum, formerly known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, where sports were carried out in ancient Rome.

Places to interact with locals and learn their culture

• –The imperial residences on the elegant Palatine Hill from which the word palace is derived. The Mouth of Truth is believed to shut and trap someone’s hand as soon you place it in the mouth. The mouth is at the entrance of the Basilica Di Santa Maria in Cosmedin,

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