Best Turkish Cities For Foodies

Turkey is a country with plenty to boast about, making it an attractive destination for all types of travellers. It is the only country in the world to be spread across two continents, Asia and Europe. It has a vibrant culture that is a fusion of European, Middle Easter, Asian and Mediterranean cultures, a rich history that goes back to ancient times and a largely varied landscape. With is mixture of cultural influences, another thing that makes Turkey an exciting destination is the food available. Anyone looking to embark on a culinary adventure should consider Turkey as the ultimate destination. When making travel plans it is important to make sure to check all requirements regarding applying for a visa for Turkey. Some travellers may be exempt from applying for a visa for Turkey depending on the nationality or citizenship. Here, we take a look at the best cities to travel to in Turkey for foodies.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. It is the second largest city in the country and is located in the Central Anatolia region. Being the capital city, all types of Turkish cuisine is available here. Turkey is famous for Doner kebabs and in Ankara they are available nearly everywhere. They can be served in a variety of ways such as a wrap or roll or on a plate. Doner kebabs are sold at small local cafes as well in more upscale restaurants. The food of the Central Anatolia region is rich in protein and carbohydrates. Traditional foods are usually chickpea, red lentil or bean stews cooked with vegetables and served with traditional bulgur pilaf or rice. Because of the harsh weather conditions, many fresh foods are pickled and served later.


Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and perhaps the cultural capital. Being a complete melting pot of cultures, one can experience cuisine from all over Turkey as well as the world with a culinary stop in this city. The food of Istanbul is heavily influenced by the historical Ottoman court food, with milder spices and a preference for rice as opposed to bulgur and vegetable are more common here than in other areas. Fish is also an important part of the cuisine of this city. When visiting Istanbul, travelers should definitely make a point to taste baklava accompanied by Turkish tea or coffee at a local café. Baklava is a famous Turkish desert made of phyllo pastry, sugar syrup and nuts.


Diyarbakir is the largest city in the South-eastern region of Turkey. The cuisine here is spicier and there is more use of meats. Lamb, poultry and beef are grilled over wood fires, often marinated in various mixtures. Meze, which is an assembly of starters, is famous in this city, usually consisting of roasted eggplants and goat cheeses.

Turkey has many more cities to visit where one can enlighten their taste buds and try various cuisines of the different regions. Just make sure to look into the requirements for a visa to Turkey when planning your trip to this country with delicious cuisine.