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Fighting erection problems: What answers?

Erection problems are among the most natural desire disorders in men with premature ejaculation. They can make a man feel embarrassed or even inferior. But, they are far from rare, and many men are concerned by these erectile difficulties. Because of this, many therefore seek to know how to solve these problems, alone or with a doctor’s aid. This is why this article will describe where these difficulties come from and how to bypass them or what treatment to use to struggle with them.

Where do erectile difficulties come from?

First of all, you should know that it is not your mistake if you have erection difficulties. It would help if you didn’t flog yourself for this, this added stress will not do you any great, and most importantly, it will not help you bypass these problems.

Talk to your partner or, if needed, your doctor first, but don’t panic. These erection difficulties don’t make you inferior to other men or even funny. In reality, you are far from the only one hurting from it. Indeed, according to statistics, more than one in 3 men experiences this type of problem. It is not a flaw, and there are ways to repair it, so don’t worry. Many parts can play a role in the gain of erection difficulties; these are:

Leading causes of erection difficulties

Poor health

Very usually, erection difficulties arise from a pathology or health problem. Indeed, if you have diabetes or are subjected to cardiovascular disorder, hypertension, or even liver and kidney difficulties. Your erectile problems are likely connected to your health obstacles. The penis needs good blood circulation and sufficient blood flow to move from one state to another. Therefore, it is logical that all disorders and pathologies that negatively influence your blood vessels also change your erection potential.

Age, one of the causes of weak libido

Age is usually the cause of erection difficulties. It has been shown that 50% of men over 40 have erectile difficulties. It is not, however, something to surely worry about. In most cases, the erection gets slower; then, it takes longer for the penis to go from one state to another.

Stress, the real villain of erectile desire

Stress is also a great cause of erection difficulties. It is a case that is most usually found in young men. This stress can arise because of many things: the anxiety of a primary report, for example, or the pressure concerning physical performance. The problem may even be more difficult and stem from some trauma that causes a physical blockage. In this case, the best solution is, most of the time, to discuss it easily and with an open heart with your spouse. By doing this, there is an excellent chance that your stress will reduce or go away and, with it, your erection difficulties.

How to overcome the dangers and prevent erection difficulties?

You probably don’t understand it, but many everyday actions affect your penis and especially your chance of having erection difficulties or not in the future. If you want to decrease the risks as much as possible, you require to take some good lifestyle habits, such as the following:

Exercise to improve male erection

As explained above, enough blood flow is required for the penis to become erect. Daily exercise will greatly increase your blood flow and, therefore, greatly stop erection problems. It is also not uncommon for exercise to give you some confidence, which lowers your chances of erectile dysfunction caused by stress.

Stop smoking / Drink in balance

It’s no mystery that smoking seriously damages the blood vessels and significantly decreases blood flow to the pe*is. It is hence clear, too much tobacco very usually leads to erection difficulties. The most extreme solution to reduce the chance of erection difficulties as much as possible would be to stop smoking altogether or slow down considerably.

Alcohol used too regularly in large doses can also cause erectile problems. It is because alcohol reduces the testosterone present in the body. Also, in the long run, alcohol can harm your liver and kidneys, which, as described above, also causes erection difficulties.

Eat better to get better

Eat five fruits and vegetables a day is usually repeated on television, but it is not for nothing. Certainly, by having a different diet and provided with a minimum of fat, you have a good chance of reducing the risks of erection difficulties while remaining in good health. It’s two birds with one stone. Vitamin D is also great for reducing risks, so you can get a lot of suns or eat foods with vitamin D. some foods are just best for erection, such as dark chocolate or kiwi and Strawberries. In short, a healthy diet plays a great role in avoiding erectile difficulties.

What remedies for erection difficulties?

Do not panic. There are many medications, supplements like fildena 100 or vidalista 60, and devices that can help you succeed with your erection difficulties. However, before eating anything, you must discuss it with your physician. Depending on your state of health, specific products or devices could be dangerous compared to others. So ask your physician which treatment for these obstacles would be best for you. That being said, here are the different treatments that you can use to remedy your erection dilemmas:

The best drugs for erection

There are, of course, drugs that are designated for erectile dysfunction. The 3 medications mainly prescribed are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. No matter which one you prefer, it is important to go through a doctor before taking this medication.

Also, they usually are only obtainable on prescription. However, we must not ignore that intimate stimulation is required to obtain an erection despite getting this kind of treatment. Of course, it is medical treatment and must, hence, be treated as such and not be taken in any way. Depending on your toleration, the dose may vary between 25mg minimum and 100mg maximum. It is heavily advised not to ingest more than 100mg per day. This kind of medicine will also work faster if used on an empty stomach, as food stops the results somewhat.

Food supplements for erection

You can also find various dietary supplements like tadalista or vidalista 40 that can improve libido and intimate desire and help you with erection difficulties. For example, Maca, which usually supports fight stress and promotes the immune system, also has aphrodisiac qualities that can boost your erection. Zinc, found chiefly in red meat, also performs a vital role in the proper functioning of your penis. Zinc allows sufficient blood coagulation and, therefore, an excellent blood supply in the body.