Erik Mogensen Colorado – On Skiers Diet Plan

Diet plan often takes a backseat when it comes to skiing. People invest in a lot of things, including fancy gear, and great ski outfits. They even speak a lot about workout sessions to get prepared for ski trips. However, rarely do people speak about proper diet to get ready for the challenges of skiing. What most forget in the middle of excitement and promises of adventures, is that fitness for any sport comes from the perfect amalgamation of a healthy diet and the right workout plan. Skiing, they should know, is not immune to this fitness law. So, coaches and trainers put high emphasis on skiers’ diets when they speak of preparation for ski trips.

Erik Mogensen Colorado Takes A Look At The Diet Of Skiers

Coach Erik Mogensen Colorado is a famous and much-loved ski coach. Erik has been coaching people for a long time. It is his passion and also his profession. Erik has seen lack of nutrition can cause huge problems at the time of skiing. It is a physical sport that demands a lot of movement. Therefore, one needs to eat well to withstand the challenges. Erik has taken the onus of making people aware of their diet because according to him – people often forget to eat healthy and that leads to ski trip failures.

What To Eat?

What to eat is a common question that many fitness enthusiasts ask. Diet is a complicated element because different body type responds to a different type of diet plan. So, the best way to find out what to eat is to visit a professional. Someone with knowledge and experience will be able to create a diet chart for skiers. However, there are some foods that anyone can include in one’s diet plan to amplify good health.

Food Intake – Calories

Skiers’ diet differs a little from other fitness diet plans. Erik says that skiers need more calories because skiing needs a lot of energy. Therefore, calorie intake is essential. A skier may need around 300 extra calories to burn while skiing. However, one needs to lean towards good calories because foods with high-calorie lead to healthy energy burn. So, one needs to eat more red meat, chicken, and oily fish.

Food Intake – Carbohydrate

People often shriek when they hear about eating carbohydrates. Those who follow any fitness plan usually cut down carbohydrates from their diet plan. However, healthy carbohydrate is important for not only weight loss but for skiing fitness as well. Without carbohydrate-rich foods body will not be able to burn the required energy while skiing. This is why – one will have to include carbohydrates into one’s diet plan for proper ski fitness.

Food Intake – Protein

Those trying to build muscles or into weight training already know about protein. Skiing also needs this wonderful element for fitness because skiing demands muscle strength. Therefore, one needs to eat protein to get ready for skiing trips.

Erik Mogensen Colorado says that one needs to drink water as well. Water helps in keeping the body hydrated. It amplifies body fitness.