Why Manchester Is Such A Great Business Tourism Destination

Whilst still known largely for its football clubs and musical prowess, Manchester’s status as a leading business tourism destination is now almost as well established. Indeed, the city’s impressive business tourism product and enviable hotel conference centre availability was officially recognised in 2011 when conference industry professionals conferred it the honour of being the ‘Best UK Destination’.

In fact, Manchester has become so well established that it is now able to pitch itself against many of Europe’s leading conference cities.

But why is this?

Well, in addition to its sports heritage, musical output and conference venues Manchester can attribute much of its business tourism success to two other integral factors: great infrastructure and an outstanding appetite for self-promotion.

Manchester’s infrastructure and international connectivity is undoubtedly one it’s chief draws. Certainly, no UK airport outside of London is able to rival Manchester Airport in terms of route network, capacity and facilities. Similarly, the West Coast Main Line service, with its Inter-City trains making the two hour, seven minute journey to London every 20 minutes at peak times, makes getting to and from the capital – and beyond – a veritable breeze.

Manchester’s Conference Ambassador Programme – a network of academics and business figures – has been instrumental in helping to attract industry events to the city. Moreover, the fact that Manchester has the largest student population in Europe ensures the city always has plenty of lecturers, doctors and professors on hand to promote ‘Cottonopolis’.

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