Where You Live May Affect Your Pet’s Life Expectancy

Recent studies in America have shown that animals have a better or worse chance of a long and healthy life depending on which state they live in. This in turn has lead many of us across the Atlantic to look at how we treat our own pets to see whether or not the area we live in could have an effect on how healthy our animals are and to whether or not they are likely to reach a ripe old age.

However, it is not the area itself that will affect your pet’s chances of survival, and instead it is the accepted way to care for animals that will make the most difference. Whilst an excess of predators in some areas may indeed endanger certain animals, the longevity of a pet is far more likely to be down to whether or not they are kept indoors, whether they are spayed or neutered, and whether or not they get regular exercise.

Those in hotter climes may indeed be more prone to contracting diseases from pests, whilst those that have not been doctored are more likely to roam and in turn more likely to be hit by vehicles. Therefore, whilst your pet may technically have a better survival chance in a certain area, changing the way you look after your pet is more important than changing your location.

With the right exercise, the right pet food and knowledge of whether or not they should be kept inside, any animal can live a long and healthy life, and better education is therefore all that is needed to even out any disparity in longevity.

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