What Is The Purpose Of Bone Marrow Transplantation?

What is a bone marrow transplant? Well, it is basically a medical procedure where a process is performed to replace bone marrows which are already being damaged or destroyed due to some disease or infection and chemotherapy.

Here in this process, the bone marrow transplantation is done by transplanting the blood stem cells and here new blood cells are promoted so that they can lead to the growth of a new marrow. There is a list of best allogenic bone marrow transplant hospitals in India which one can check if needed.

This bone marrow is a spongy thing which is actually a fatty tissue inside the bones. These create red blood cells which carry oxygen and other vital nutrients in the body. It also creates white cells which can fight outer infection inside the human body. Marrow also creates platelets that actually forms clots inside the body. It contains some immature blood forming stem cells as well. These are known as hematopoietic stem cells. These kinds of stem cells are unspecialized and they have the potential to multiply through the cell divisions. They can get matured to any kind of blood cells.

The basic role of marrow transplant is to replace the damaged cells in a human body with some healthy cells. As a result the body becomes capable enough to make new platelets, blood cells and red blood cells so that they can avoid some bleeding disorders or infection attacks. The healthy cells can be donated by a healthy donor or it can come from the body itself.  Here the stem cells can be harvested and grown before the chemotherapy is started. These cells are stored well as they come of great use in transplantation.

Why one needs a bone marrow transplant?

This is needed when a person’s bone marrow is not healthy enough so that it can function properly. This may happen due to a lot of reasons. It can happen due to some chronic infections or due to cancer treatments. There are some major reasons due to which bone marrow transplantation is needed. They are as follows:

  • Cancer treatments which can affect bone marrows.
  • Due to heavy chemotherapy there can be a huge damage of bone marrow.
  • Aplastic anomie which creates a disorder and bone marrow stops making new cells.
  • Thalasemia where there is an inherited blood disorder where the body fails to make normal amount of haemoglobin and fails to form red blood cells.

Now the major question is, is there any complication in bone marrow transplantation? This is a huge and major medical process and there are also a lot of risks. There can be a drop in blood pressure, pain, sudden nausea and headache. One can also feel a sudden shortness of breath. But all these symptoms are majorly short lived but there can be some complications due to bone marrow transplant. But that completely depends on the age of the patient and their overall health.

There are a few good bone marrow transplant hospitals in India which one can take in consideration if needed.

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