What is PASMA Training And How It Is Beneficial?

Working with mobile towers is a regular aspect of the construction business. They offer a cost-effective and adaptable solution containing a variety of projects, as well as enabling personnel to access otherwise inaccessible regions and help work at height.

But working with mobile towers has many dangers, just like any activity at height. Working in high places is a repeat offender, in the unfortunate fact that there are still a significant number of preventable accidents in the construction sector. Workers must be instructed on how to utilise mobile towers before they are put into operation. The ability to use the buildings must also be known to design personnel. Where portable towers are unavoidably required, they must be deployed in a manner that ensures everyone’s safety.


The Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association is known as PASMA. They are the group that “knows about mobile towers and is concerned about their users.” They are the UK’s experts regarding rules and access to mobile towers.

PASMA is positioned to lead the market in any mobile towers activity thanks to its expertise, knowledge, and data. In addition, they are fully autonomous, self-sufficient, and actively engaged in securing the sector’s future. This encompasses a range of activities, including engagement, care for members and suppliers, and training for mobile towers.

It’s crucial to remember that PASMA collaborates closely with other regulatory agencies and decision-makers and isn’t a stand-alone organisation whenever it involves working at height training. Together, they create the most effective PASMA training London programmes and provide the industry with the best assistance.

Additionally, PASMA has a unique set of responsibilities that they aim to succeed at. These consist of the following:

The creation, upkeep, and administration of the industry-required training programme for employment involving mobile towers and related tasks. This consists of observing the proficiency standards outlined in Work at Home or the workplace. In addition, they are creating a measure of understanding for cellular work and design. The goal of PASMA is to have their ID and certificate serve as the industry’s de facto standard for verification of competence. They reaffirm their status as the sector’s leading authorities on mobile towers.

As a result, a centralised knowledge centre is created where employees may get the information and accurate data they need—establishing rules for mobile towers and future operations at heights by supporting research and best practice inspections. As a result, Pasma training London can perform their courses in the industry with validity and execute any adjustments as they become essential.

Each PASMA training session aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to properly install, use, inspect, and dismantle mobile access towers. For working with various mobile scaffolding unit types and other prefabricated work-at-height units, there are a variety of PASMA training programs available.