Video CV – What to Say

Video CVs are a great way for a candidate to show their recruiter that they have something special to offer. The nature of a video CV allows candidates to showcase their skills and personality in a way that a paper CV doesn’t allow. But, not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. At first, it can be difficult to know what to say. Here are some things that should be covered in a video resume:

Objectives and Goals

Candidates should start by talking about their job-specific objectives and goals. This statement should be designed to capture the recruiter’s attention in the first few seconds. The candidate should then go on to talk about their background in the field of work they are applying for.


Video is the perfect medium for a candidate to show off their skills and abilities. Video resumes can be used to showcase a candidate’s speaking and presentation skills. The candidates can also show examples of their work on the video. However, any skills that are talked about should be relevant to the position the candidate is applying for.


Just like on a paper CV, a video resume should be used by a candidate to talk about what they are able to bring to an employer. This doesn’t have to be workplace experience. Recent graduates can talk about coursework they completed or extra-curricular activities they were involved in. Candidates should take this opportunity to show their enthusiasm for the field of work they are applying for.

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