Types Of Paving And Advantages Of Paving

A mansion lays flat pieces of stones to the ground to build a pathway and this process is known as stone paving. Builders use different types of stones to construct a pathway such as curbstone, flagstone, cobblestone etc.

Why paving?

If paving is not done, then the dwellers suffer from problems such as dust and soil erosion. For this, they build a pathway so that the ground is protected by heat, rainfall or any extreme temperature. During rainy season, water does not get accumulated in the ground and this also stops the growth of weedy plants. Hence, even during rainy season you can comfortably move from the pathway.

Types of paving

To perform stone paving builders use natural stones or manufactured stones. Some of the natural stones that are used for paving are granite, bluestone, sandstone etc. But apart from these stones other materials are also used for paving such as bricks, cement etc. Many people use granite because it is durable. Builders use granites to build patios, courtyards, tabletops, outdoor kitchen, decks, etc.  For construction of driveways people usually use bluestones. Bluestone is also used for cladding. Sandstone is used as a veneer material and to construct courtyards and verandas.

Many people use manufactured stones to build pathways because they are mixed with solid materials and give a modern look to your homes. Concrete is used by many builders because it is cost-effective. It can also withstand extreme temperature and the quality of the pavement is not deteriorated even after years.

The stones used for paving are available in several colors such as gray, blue, charcoal, green, pink, tan and many other colors. They come in various patterns also such as running bond, square, basket weave, circular, floral pattern, etc. Some of the commonly used shapes for paving include oblong, circle, square, trapezium, diamond, etc.

Where and why paving is done?

Paving is done in various places such as garden, patio, pools, pathway, etc. Many people do interlocking for pavement because it can last for many years. You need not use drainage pipes if you do interlocking. Different designs and shapes are used for interlocking such as Mediterranean, contemporary, modern, old etc. People use many other products for paving such as asphalt, cantera stone, granite, brick, rubber, antique, Mexican, fling stone, etc.

Paving is usually performed under the guidance of expert civil engineers or contractors. The types of pavers are categorized into four namely brick, stone, interlocking and concrete. Brick pavers are made from cement and to perform stone paving, stones are mined or collected from outcrop of rocks. Interlocking can be done with concrete or cement. Many people want to perform interlocking with cement because a mortar is not required. It is used to lock stones of driveway, walkway, patio or decking. People also use concrete material for paving because it requires less maintenance and can be cleaned easily.

The work of paving should be preferably undertaken by a reputed civil engineer who is trained from a reputed institute.

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