Trakmats Ground Shielding Mats

Trakmats are protective lightweight mats used to protect the ground from erosion and the load of heavy machinery. Walking on grass may mess with the beauty of the garden. High heels and walking on the paved paths can spoil the land beneath.

Trakmats are composed of HD polyethylene. They are durable and recyclable. They do not retain moisture and stand strong against the reaction of chemicals. The mats are highly resistant to water and weather-proof. Trakmats are available in different sheets 2,440 mm* 1,130 mm (8*4) and weighs 33 kg. It is easy to load, unload and move the mats. They can be used for vehicles up to the load of 30 tonnes and do not break, tear and wear away.

You can hire trakmats from different vendors worldwide. The following information must be known prior when you want to hire trakmats.

  • The type of ground conditions.
  • The dimensions of the temporary road required.
  • The type of vehicles that would travel over the mats or are the mats needed for stroller.
  • Date, venue and duration for which you want to hire trakmats.

Features of the Trakmats:

  • Safeguards the environment.
  • Available for long and short time hire.
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Prevents the damage of slackened vehicles.
  • Easy to lay out and manage.

Safety Instructions to follow when you hire trakmats:

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be worn by the staff before laying the mats.
  • A survey must be conducted to check the land and weather conditions.
  • The land survey must include deep research of underground utilities such as gas pipes, electrical cables and water pipes. They must be placed 1 meter below the ground to avoid catastrophe.
  • The mats may compress in cold climatic conditions. Place them in sunlight so that they can expand out.
  • Reckless driving must be avoided on the mats.
  • Risk evaluation should be done before any installation of mats.
  • The trakmats must be properly laid. High winds can lift the panels.
  • Mat rotation must be carried out on the grassy gardens to prevent chemical reactions.

Popular Companies from where you can hire trakmats:

Euromats:  These mats are light weight for two persons to carry and handle. Euromats provide the best service during worst climatic conditions and are best known for their amiable and staff service.

Marwood Group Limited: It is an officially approved dealer of trakmats. The green coloured mats soak less than 10% of the sunlight and do not heat up. Colour plays an important role. The black mats absorb heat extensively and become hot to droop the grass underneath. Mats must be cleaned well to remove dirt and grime off the mats.

Grassform Group: They provide light green coloured mats made up of high density polyethylene. The sheets weight 33kg and have the dimensions of 113cm * 244 cm. Environment safe, these mats work the best during extreme cold and bad weathers. Trakmats can be used for golf courses, parks, cemeteries and temporary roadways.

Ground Access Hire: They supply strong ground protection and are effortlessly laid. Non-slippery surface reduces the skidding of tyre.

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