Tips for Unblocking Drains

From time to time, and especially after heavy rain, drains outside your house might become blocked. If your drains become blocked then this could affect the water flow into your house. It is important, therefore, that you check your drains and rectify the problem ASAP.

You might notice that the inspection chamber is full of water. However, if a blockage is suspected and the inspection chamber isn’t full of water then this means the blockage is elsewhere in the system, for instance it might be a blockage nearer the main system.It is possible to check the drains and get a good idea where the blockage is likely to be located.  First of all you can check the drains by lifting the drain cover, ensuring you’re wearing gloves. You can usually use a spade to open the cover.

It might be possible to dislodge the blockage if you use drain rods. These are essentially rods that can be screwed together, with a plunger at one end. When using these rods you can locate the blockage by feeling for resistance.

Obviously you don’t need to take on this task yourself. Professionals will be able to use their specialist equipment to unblock a drain in the utmost safe and efficient manner. They will use a high pressure drain cleaner for example using a process known as high pressure drain jetting.

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