Three E-Commerce SEO Essentials For Your Online Business

Online retail is a field that is growing at a frightening pace. From big online conglomerates to small startups, many businesses are trying to use online retail as a way to take a slice out of the e-commerce gold rush.

Yes, e-commerce really has become a gold rush. Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world which was built on the foundation of a solid e-commerce network. Other smaller players dominant in local regions like Flipkart and Alibaba show that there is enough space for multiple players to exist and take a sizable market share.

To find success in e-commerce, a business needs to get people to visit its online store. There is no other real way of finding success until real people make purchases. Driving traffic to an e-commerce store is a headache every online retailer has to undertake. In this article, we discuss three SEO essentials for e-commerce websites. 

Make Detailed Product Pages

Content is the key, even in e-commerce. Making detailed product pages is a good way of gaining more traffic from SERPs. 

Look at the product page of a top e-commerce platform like Amazon or Flipkart. Every detail of the product is covered, from the weight and dimensions to the different features and functionality. The reason for there being so much content on product pages is enhancing user experience and gaining top rankings on SERPs.

Add Guest Purchase Option

The goal of an e-commerce marketer should be to optimize the experience of every visitor and turn every visit into a sale. A guest purchase option enhances the experience a customer has used the online store by allowing people to buy products without registering on the website. 

Use Low Competition High Reward Keywords

You may have a lot of popular products on your online store, but trying to rank for each of them on Google should not be the target. If the goal is to bring more people to a website, SEOs must target rankings keywords with low competition and reasonably good traffic, even if it means people landing on less popular products. 

In Conclusion

E-commerce is a field that has exploded in the past few years all thanks to big and small entrepreneurs making the online sphere their own. For real and organic visibility of an online retail store, e-commerce SEO is essential. From big brands like Amazon to smaller players, everyone follows e-commerce SEO essentials to ensure greater visibility and more sales. In this article, we covered three essentials for e-commerce SEO for online businesses. E-Commerce SEO is very important & Many Top Digital Marketing Courses have this topic in their curriculums. We suggest you to discuss it with them to know more.

About the Author – Madhav Hansraj is an entrepreneur who runs his online retail business. He is also an expert in e-commerce marketing and a guest trainer at The training institute is widely known for its digital marketing course in Delhi amongst other programs.