The Basics Of The Talent Acquisition Manager Training

A TAM manager looks into the recruitment process of hiring competent leaders and employees who might be valuable resources to the company. The training is divided into different modules in which the candidate is provided with theoretical and practical knowledge to use the AI-enabled systems, conduct virtual assessments, give leadership tests, know about the proctoring methods and use facial recognition and speech-processing tools.

The ABC Of The Training Session

Improving Communication Skills

During the TAM training, the potential candidates are provided with hands-on experience. He/she is instructed to interact with the employees in a polite tone by minding the Ps and Qs. It takes time to inculcate good communication skills. With practice, prospective talent acquisition managers comprehend the basics.

A Visionary HR With Great Expertise

The HR personnel or the hirers have to lend an ear when needed and exhibit some enthusiasm to know about the interests of the recruits. The job of a talent acquisition manager is to scout for leaders and skilled employees who can take on the workload and make the organization go places. This requires great expertise and the ability to differentiate the wheat from the chaff.

Role Of A Trainer

Moving on, the trainers teach the would-be candidates to be respectful and have healthy interactions with the employees. They have to indulge in a post-offer engagement with the employees and strike a rapport with him/her.

After the interviews, the talent acquisition teams have to select the best from the best. They have to demonstrate their abilities in choosing the best candidate for the organization.

Moreover, in the TAM training, the prospective managers are taught how to provide necessary company information to the employees. Knowing when to speak things and how to articulate their thoughts is important.

By providing scope for professional development, the managers are equipped with the confidence to carry out the hiring process. If the candidates have been selected or not, they are taught how to write polite emails by conveying their ideas without sounding rude.

Certain trainers advise the attendees to exhibit a good work ethic. For example, while conducting online interviews, it is always better to give a face to the name. The interviewer should always disclose his/her identity by showing their face and interacting with the person. The trainees learn how to ask polite questions without being rude and coming across as level-headed.


Summing it up, in the TAM training, the employees are taught numerous things. They must know how to mind their Ps and Qs, be assertive, provide constructive feedback, and walk the candidates through the hiring process. Moreover, using proctoring methods, AI-enabled systems, conducting online assessments and using conference apps is an important aspect of the training to nurture great talent acquisition managers.