Styling Tips For Festival Attendees In The UK

The Glastonbury Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the UK. It is ideal for people who have a knack for performing arts (contemporary). The festival takes place in Pilton, Somerset. The festival is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to leave a mark or just wants to enjoy contemporary music, dance, stand-up comedy, cabaret, theatre or circus.

With that stated, in case you have plans to attend the festival, then you need to follow the styling tips mentioned below –

Styling Tips For Women:-

Avoid Wearing Fur Or Leather Dresses

Girls always remember while shopping for Glastonbury festival clothing, girls always remember that festivals and fur (or leather) dresses do not mix well.

Apart from making you feel incredibly uncomfortable, fur and leather dresses will be rendered useless after a spilt drink or a bout of rain. Furthermore, you are attending a festival to have a good time. Hence, wear clothes made using light materials. They will keep you more mobile and cool at the same time!

Avoid Wearing Heeled Footwear

Avoid wearing footwear with pointy heels. You will be standing most of the time during the festivities, and it won’t be possible for you to do so when you are wearing high heels. Furthermore, the venue will be crowded and impaling a fellow festival attendee with your pointed heels is not a great ice-breaker, isn’t it!?

Do Not Forget To Take A Bum Bag With You

Always take a bum bag with you so that you can safely store some money, your phone and the tickets to the festival. Furthermore, it is also an effective way to keep yourself from becoming a victim of pickpockets.

Styling Tips For Men:-

Men, while choosing your Glastonbury festival clothing, please follow the styling tips mentioned below –

Avoid The ‘Topless Hunk’ Look At All Costs!

Avoid attending the festival shirtless. The days of arriving at a festival without a shred of cloth on your torso are long gone. This is a trend that is now frowned upon. There are countless possibilities for styling yourself up for the festival these days. Several online stores and offline shops sell fantastic festival clothing for men.

For example – you can wear shorts, denim, a pair of jeans or a trendy jacket.

You Can Top Off Your Festival Attire With Some Crazy-Looking Sunglasses!

It is a festival, for crying out loud. Hence, it is not an issue if you pair your festival attire with a pair of crazy sunglasses!

Furthermore, sunglasses will also allow you to keep your eyes from getting damaged by the sun’s glare. Again, in case you want to enjoy a show that takes place in the middle of the day, a pair of sunglasses will allow you to see through the glare of the sun with utmost ease.

Patterned Shirts Are Always In Vogue

Again, this is a festival and not a board meeting. Hence, if you always wanted to show your positive side but never got the opportunity to do so amidst the endless meetings, this is your chance! Get your hands on patterned shirts made using sustainable materials like hemp or cotton and wear them like a boss.


It has been a while since you have been to a festival. Hence, to leave a lasting impression, follow the tips mentioned above.