Self-Catering Hotel-Living Out At Home

Often we hear, “Go wherever, even paradise, you will miss your home”. There is no place as comfortable as our home. That is why this concept has been taken up by many big hotel chains and now even on holidays one can have the freedom by having self-catering like home and the ambience and facilities of a hotel.

There are a number of properties available these days providing self-catering options for everyone whether it is a gang of friends, family, retired citizens or couples. The hotels give options to choose from one, two, three or more bedrooms.

A beautiful self catering hotel gives you a feeling of a home away from the home. It is usually available in the form of a house or an apartment. You will be living in your own space and have plenty of privacy like your home but with some different surroundings.

The facilities provided in these self-catering hotels depend largely upon the type of accommodation. Generally these are fully furnished apartments with all the household equipment such as the crockery and cutlery and in some cases the customers are charged extra for the towels or linen and for electricity and gas.

There are also facilities of serviced apartments which provide the comfort, flexibility and privacy of a self-catering hotel and give the additional benefits of maid service, room service, internet access points and a concierge for any assistance or queries.

The cost to stay in a beautiful self catering hotel may vary with every property depending on the type of accommodation, its location, duration of the stay and the number of people who are going to stay in the property.

The self-catering properties usually provide a private or a shared kitchen where you can make the meal of your choice, it is best for the people with kids who are fussy eaters or with people having special dietary requirements. It also cuts down the cost of eating out every time while being on a holiday.

The self-catering hotels or apartments are a best idea if somebody is planning a big bash, or a whole family reunion or an unobtrusive escape for two. It is wonderful how one can have all the freedom of wearing what they want, cooking what they want, eating when they want!!! These self-catering apartments are ideally situated near to shops for essential requirements and other things one might require for the stay.

The booking for a beautiful self catering hotel can be done online much before you have actually arrived at the place. The websites of majorly all the brands providing the self-catering accommodations provide all the details online with photos and other facilities available and the rates of each accommodation. There may be some more specifications available on the website such as apartment with a dishwasher, cottage with a hot tub, pet friendly accommodation etc.

Choose a location, plan a holiday, and decide on the dates and book a beautiful self catering hotel and here you are ready to have a gala time…!!!

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