Saving Money While Shopping For Your Wedding

Everyone wants to have the greatest wedding of all time, but everything that you purchase has a price tag attached to it; and unfortunately wedding stuff usually has a pretty large one! However, there are some simple tips for saving money on your wedding that will ensure you have a spectacular time without breaking the bank. While you could certainly go overboard hiring assistants and planners that can cost you thousands or renting a massive reception hall that completely blows your budget, there are smarter ways to go about the wedding planning process that we will cover below.

Be Creative

Creativity can go a long way when trying to save money on your wedding. Thinking outside the box with ideas such as having your wedding in a friend or family member’s luxurious backyard or renting an outdoor space that will work for both the ceremony and reception are just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of great resources online to help you come up with fun ideas that don’t cost a lot of cash, especially with all the social media websites out there. Start way in advance of your wedding day and take your time gathering ideas to get the best celebration for the least amount of money.

Buy Value, Not Cheap

Though it may be very enticing to buy the cheapest version of everything you want at your wedding, it can sometimes lead to a lackluster result. For instance, if you buy discount wedding sparklers, you may end up receiving factory-flawed sparklers or old stock leftover from the 4th of July. The point is that if you buy the cheapest, you sometimes get what you pay for. Your best bet is to shop based on value instead of just price, meaning that you get the perfect mixture of quality and cost to have good products at a reasonable price. By shopping based on value, you will end up having a good result every time without paying through the nose for premium items that are not really any better.

Do It Yourself

Finally, “do it yourself” (or DIY) projects are always a great way to save money. Everything from your reception table centerpieces to your bridal bouquet can be made yourself if you are good with crafts and have the time to put them together. For some people, doing a bunch of projects for their wedding is just not practical because of their skill level or time constraints, but there’s always a few things you can do. The best way to go about it is to think of a few things you can handle doing yourself and then purchase the rest. Every little thing you can make instead of buy will make a big difference on your wedding budget’s bottom line.

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