Sando For Men And Men Pyjamas

Sando for men is a shirt without sleeves. People, both men and women wear them for comfort and style. They are also called Sleeveless shirts and are used as undershirts and are worn in hot and humid countries like India. These are also worn by athletes in track and field events. Think of Olympics or Commonwealth Games,one will find athletes donning them in various colours. In India, it is known as a banian and is used extensively as an undershirt to absorb sweat and prevent the sweat spread to the outer shirt. In west Bengal it is called a genji.

 There are various types of Sando for men. The most commonly used around the gIobe is a tank top. This is a low neck sleeveless shirt.  Long time back, they were used as bathing suits. These are very durable and can be worn alone without any shirt. Most suitable for warm and humid weather. Its worn both by men and women as a casual wear or can be worn at home for comfort. These are button less and collarless and do not have pockets. Made of ribbed cotton, they can also be worn with jeans and men pyjamas. 

These sleeveless T-shirt, are also known as a muscle shirt,and has the same design like a T-shirt, but without sleeves. Women wear sleeveless T-shirts with smaller arm holes so that the breasts are concealed whilemen prefer to wear larger and wider arm holes. These sleeveless T-shirts are also worn by surfers and body builders around the globe.

These Sando for men are available in different styles and colours and can be bought from malls, stores and also from online shopping websites.  Some stores sell Camouflage printed round neck sleeveless T-shirts in myriad of colours. Some stores selling Sports items sell the gym vests with contrast panels. These vests are trendy, comfortable and durable.

One can find scoop neck vests with various colours at different shopping malls. Most popular colors available are white, blue and black. The latest trend is a square neck cotton vest. This has become a fashion statement for the youngsters and gym goers. The youngsters choose from differentcolours suiting their style and liking. The newest addition is a racer back vest with different colours at the back. These vests have a very smart look and the wearer looks smart and elegant. Mustard coloured vests looks incredible.They are simply wow!  A must for the cupboard. One should not forget a sporty typographic vest. These are available at all the malls and stores. These vests are also available in different colours and designs.

Some people wear Sando for men with Men pyjamas and lungis too!! Pyjamas got the origin from India. It is a comfort wear which is worn while sleeping as a night dress, or when one is at home. These are comfortable, soft and loose garments which are a daily wear. They too are available in variety of colours. In the western world they are called PJ’s or jammies.

 The word Pyjama had got its roots from Persian language. These are loose , light weighted garments worn by muslims, hindus and Sikhs in the Indian sub continent.  In India , a pyjama has a combination of loose shirt and loose trousers and made out of cotton and flannel. This is usually worn at night for comfortable sleep! Contemporary designs are available in todays world. The best part is that still this night wear is available in soft cloth making them the most comfortable wear. These loose garments are available in stores, shopping malls and online too!  

Young girls from all over the world opt for short sleeve pyjamas.  They look for striking colours such as light yellow and light green. Most of the girls prefer pink colour too. Young boy wear stretch knit pyjamas. These dresses give them freedom of movement. They can run, jump around at their sweet will!. For the toddlers, the best ones are the footed pyjamas. It’s a one piece garment. This helps to keep the toddlers safe and comfortable. Muslim men wear them in different styles and colours especially in whites. Muslim women wear salwar style pyjamas.

To make this sleep wear more exciting and interesting, more and more brands have manufactured them with unique print ideas. Now a traditional Menspyjamas have been totally transformed suiting  the need and style of the wearer. Bright colours, floral prints, multi coloured and even flashy graffiti prints are also available to choose from. And all these can be ordered online too. Some designs of hot selling mens pyjamas are noteworthy and needs a mention here. Young boys wear striped ankle length lowers in navy blue and black colour. The design is simple yet eye catching. Some boys wear colours like dark brown and dark mustard for their ankle high pyjamas.

The latest is micro printed lowers . Again these are available in variety of colours that are flashy and striking. The preference is for military green, yellow and dark maroon. The prints are great  and a must for gen-x. A mid rise tapered lounge pants are also a great and comfy wear. They look fantastic in grey and navy blue colour. Both these colours are ideal for fair skinned youngsters. Striped lounge pants gives a very comfortable feeling. These lowers, are easily manageable and sturdy too.

 The third world countries use Pyjamas not only to be used indoors  or as a nightwear some people wear them in public as they feel them to be a comfortable wear. For some it is a fashion statement! In America fire safety norms are mentioned on the product while selling it. The product can be confiscated if the fire safety regulations are not followed properly. In countries like England and America, a day in the school curriculum is observed as the pyjama day when all the teachers and students wear pyjama on that day and come to school.