Requirements For Canadian Student Visa

Nowadays every child wants to study in abroad, and universities in Canada can be the best place to study human resource management. Applying for a student visa is easier than other kinds of visa. Also it is easily obtainable keeping in mind the urgency of the situation. Student visa is also known as a study permit. In Canada when any university invites you to study in their institution, you will have to apply for the visa.

So as soon as you get the confirmation letter from the university, you should at once avail the study permit. Any educational program is never completed under six months, and if you need to stay in a different country for more than 6 months for studying, you need to get the visa. Now a lot of students after studying in Canada get placement offers from their campus, no sooner than they complete their education. So there is a great possibility for them to settle in Canada for a lifetime. But once the duration of the study permit ends the individual is officially subject give return back to his motherland. But in case if he wants to stay there permanently, he needs to get a permanent residency visa. In order to file an application for visa there are several detailed steps to follow.You will get your answer by typing how to apply Canada PR visa from India.

A lot of guardians or the parents of the students apply for permanent resident Visa Canada, thinking of settling in with their children abroad. Those applying from India need to keep with them important documents like an identity proof,an acceptance proof, a letter explaining in details the reason of migration, and an affirmation of the finances which shows that the family can bear all the expenses of the immigration. Without the provision of these documents the visa application will be rejected. The letter of explanation is mandatory for those people who does not have the study permit or are aiming for a different kind of visa. Parents of students need to provide some explanation along with their visa application form. All the documents required for the application to be granted can be checked before submission, on the country’s immigration website.

The Canadian government has launched a Student Partners Program recently. The benefits of this program is aimed at providing both, a permanent citizenship as well as a permit to study in Canada. Almost all of the colleges and universities in Canada are participating in this program, and the individual willing to join this can contact any of the participating institutions. The study permits submitted by the Indian students generally take a processing time of 3 months, with a minimum application charge from each candidate. All these processes can be checked online, and this enhances speed of communication.

Some countries have made the medical checkup mandatory, before they give you the visa permit. Also few universities demand a police verification also. The certificate can be easily obtained by communicating with the local police superintendent or the commissioner.

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