Reasons Of The Failure Of Any SEO Company

Sometimes situations change so fast that sometimes it becomes very difficult to catch up with it. Technology evolves with time and you cannot but evolve with it. One of the sectors which have evolved the most is the marketing industry. Since the ushering in of the digital era, there has been a landmark shift in the way marketers market their business.

Today, more and more emphasis is being laid on digital marketing. The conventional modes of marketing had their perks but they were necessarily ridden with cons. Limited reach, less control over the marketing, blunt approach, costly marketing, to name a few. This however has been changed by the internet.

Internet as a platform of marketing has filled all the loopholes which were present in the conventional modes of marketing. For instance, digital marketing, thanks to the internet, has an indomitable reach. This huge reach is accompanied by very precise marketing thanks to SEO which is the algorithm on which digital marketing runs.

Since the internet is already deluged with web pages, search engines use SEO to assort different web pages and place them in ranking order on the SERP. The best webpage with the maximum resonance with the algorithm ranks the best on any particular keyword and naturally gets the maximum traffic.

Since the rank of the page is determined by how well optimised the page is, you must not take risks in the SEO game. It is always advisable that you avail of the services of an SEO management agency to ensure that you do not fall behind in the SEO game. The best SEO company Sydney is Australian Internet Advertising.

They have been in the marketing business for a long time. Their experience and experts are always there for their clients. They are certified marketing partners of Google and Facebook. They ensure that you generate maximum revenue from your webpage by increasing organic traffic. They do so by optimising the content with the best and latest SEO strategies.

Reasons SEO Companies Don’t Work

As mentioned above, SEO is not anyone’s piece of cake. It requires hard work and expertise. It exacts being updated because there are regular new updates in the SEO techniques. Here is a list of reasons why some of the SEO agencies fail:

1- They do not know how to do it- It is rejecting to know that many SEO companies who call themselves experts use the technique of the 2000s and which have now become obsolete. These companies are not updated with the latest norms of SEO and naturally, they are unbeknownst of what their job is.

2- Middle man- Many times, there is a middle man between the client and the SEO service provider. The issue with this practice is that not only the middle man eats a chunk of revenue generated by charging his fee, he also, often unknowingly, miscommunicates your expectations to the SEO service provider.

This is due to the lack of a direct connection between you and the service provider, you end up getting something different than what you had expected.


SEO is an indispensable facet of marketing and you must hire an agency that holds good command over the subject.