Rats in Scotland

Scotland is experiencing a rat problem at the moment according to new information released by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). For example, West Dunbartonshire Council has had to respond to 1,403 call outs to deal with nuisance pests such as rats, who can rapidly start spreading illness and disease if left unchecked. A freedom of information request has revealed that the council received 362 reports of rats, 322 calls on mice, 300 requests for assistance to treat wasps and 285 reports of infestations of other insects last year. Small relief came in the fact that there were no reports of bedbugs or cockroaches in the area.

M11300031Local authorities are having to deal with a growing number of pest problems, and the report aims to help show councils the importance of giving high priority status to pest control when it comes to balancing the books. A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said:

“Once again, Glasgow has the highest number of reported cases of rats in Scotland, and as a neighbouring council it is not surprising that West Dunbartonshire will also have a high callout rate. However it is reassuring to note this year has seen a general reduction in the numbers of requests for the pest control service, with only the number of complaints about birds increasing. Our community enjoys a first-class pest control service which is confirmed in our customer satisfaction returns. Our officers remain ready to respond to any issues. We would encourage members of the public who need assistance to get in touch with their concerns.”

No doubt many councils throughout Scotland and the UK will be stocking up on rat killer as a result of the report. However, there are things that the public can do in order to help stop the spread of such rodents. Rat bait can be bought fairly cheaply online and will do the job if there are any rodents in the area that you live. There are many different types of rat poison on offer, which means that it shouldn’t take too long to get rid of any unwanted guests.

However, one of the best ways to stop rodents visiting your house is to ensure that they have little reason to do so in the first place. Rats thrive on rubbish because household waste tends to be full of food which they can eat. Ensure that all rubbish is disposed of properly and not allowed to leak onto the streets. If a neighbour has a dreadfully untidy back yard, it is possible to call the local council anonymously and warn them that there is a threat of rats spreading.

Pests and rodents can cause huge damage to properties. Rat droppings can stink and their faeces can spread disease. It is also very annoying when rodents chew through electrical wires which provide power to the house. Nobody wants to see a rat peering up at them from the drain pipe whilst taking a shower, so take preventative measures to destroy the rodents today.

About the Author – Sarah Makinson is a regular contributor to a range of consumer websites, including Pest Control Supermarket.

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