Ram Chary Everi – How Can You Make Travel Photography Better?

Travel photography is a sub-category of photography that involves documenting the landscape of a particular place and its inhabitants. Many professional and amateur photographers often visit exotic destinations worldwide to try travel photography. It allows them to improve their camera handling skills and take numerous breathtaking scenic photographs. However, on many occasions, they often forget to be courteous and respect other people’s privacy when taking such great photos. Consequently, they cause immense inconvenience to these individuals and sometimes get in trouble with the local authorities.

Ram Chary Everi – 3 Key Etiquette Tips Travel Photographers Should Know

Ram Chary Everi is a famous graphic designer and avid photographer from Boston. He is a fine arts graduate and an alumnus of the prestigious Boston University. Currently, he pursues his passion for fine arts by designing numerous printed materials for businesses and covering various events. In addition, he visits the northeastern region to get on a boat and fish for tuna during his spare time. He is also an ardent supporter of Oceana, a non-profit organization encouraging citizens to aspire to become exemplary stewards of the state through educational webinars.

According to him, travel photographers often get the opportunity to visit many exotic destinations worldwide. The rich culture and unique customs of the people living in these places can mesmerize them. Therefore, it is natural for them to preserve the happy memories of visiting sites in photographs. However, they should remember to observe the following important photography etiquette tips when taking pictures of strangers:

Ask Permission

When traveling to distant places, photographers should never take pictures of strangers without their knowledge. They must ask these individuals beforehand to take their snapshots courteously. Many of them might not have any objections to the photographers taking their pictures. However, photographers should always respect the privacy of those who decline to permit them to take their photos.

Share And Be Thankful

When photographers get permission from strangers to take their photos, they should always share them. These individuals would love to see the images of themselves in the snapshots. After taking the photographs, the photographers should be polite enough to thank the strangers for their time and cooperation. It enables them to meet many interesting people and make new friends.

Be Aware Of The Destination’s Culture

Photographers should be aware all countries they visit have their own culture and specific set of customs. Therefore, they need to conduct thorough research on these nations’ photography norms and etiquettes. For example, some countries may prohibit photos of certain religious ceremonies, government buildings, women, and children. They should be aware of these restrictions and abide by them to avoid trouble.

According to Ram Chary Everi, taking pictures of landscapes and people in exotic foreign destinations can be a memorable experience for travel photographers. However, they need to remember to ask strangers for permission to take their photos, share the picture, and thank them for their cooperation. They should also abide by the culture, regulations, and customs. Only then can the photographers take incredible snapshots of the people they meet on their journey.