Qualifications, Skills, Responsibilities And Working Conditions Of Tree Surgeons

Tree surgery is associated with various tasks related with the trees. Those associated with this field and working as tree surgeons are required to perform pruning of tree branches/shrubs, felling the trees, planting/replanting, hedge-cutting and splitting of logs etc. Millions of people across the globe including tree surgeons Harrow earn their livelihood through this noble profession.

Those interested to join this field must know the following:

  1. Qualifications– Tree surgeon, known as horticultural maintenance engineer need not possess any formal academic qualification. He or she can join any tree surgery company and gain sufficient experience by working on-site under the guidance of senior tree surgeons. Many institutions provide training in this field and facilitate accreditation certificates. Ongoing work experience goes a long way in updating the required knowledge as regards tree surgery.
  2. Skills – Tree surgeons must be familiar with the powered equipment and power tools that are used for performing tree surgery in efficient manners. This job involves risks like feeling of branches may sometimes endanger the tree surgeons and other people walking around. The personnel working in this line must know how to ensure safety as far as they themselves and other persons are concerned. These noble guys need to perform their tasks in punctual manners and leave no room for any complaint on the part of the customers.
  3. Responsibilities – As said earlier, these guys like tree surgeons Harrow must be patient and behave in a responsible manner. They must listen to the customers and their requirements with great patience. Their responsibilities include preparation of on-site or telephonic quotations for the customers. Needless to mention, these professionals must reach the workplace in time and get engaged in the job that includes various tasks related with maintenance of the trees and plants. Removal of waste from the site is also their duty. They need to prepare invoices for their work. Submission of insurance documents for safety of all concerned is also one of the responsibilities associated with tree surgeons.
  4. Working conditions – Tree surgery is one of the dangerous jobs as tree surgeons have to work under odd conditions. These people are challenged with inclement weathers, hot sun rays, heavy rains and the dangerous tasks related with this profession. These guys have to climb the tall trees for maintaining them. Serious risks are involved in this task that must be performed with extra care. Health issues and other risks associated with this profession must be cared for by the tree surgeons. Those interested to become successful professionals like tree surgeons Harrow must be ready to challenge the complexities and dangers involved in this job.

It may be noted that the starting salary for the new tree surgeons is quite low. However with the on-site experience these guys can earn handsome amounts. Tree surgeons need to be sincere, honest, punctual and dedicated towards their duties and the employers. The latter must be satisfied with the tasks performed by the tree surgeons. An efficient tree surgeon with sufficient experience to his or her credit can lead a prosperous life.


The tree surgeons Harrow are famous for their unique services as well as their skilled professionals. So you should hire them without thinking twice.

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