Pornography As A Profession

Pornography is existent as a huge and expanded industry for decades. It is not a new profession. Rather people across the globe are engaged in this industry for so many years. With time and advancement, this industry has also expanded and now operating openly. Men as well as women are equally working in this industry. In fact, women are more active as compared to men in the profession of pornography. The pornography industry is not just engaged in making porn movies, ads or such other videos but it is doing little bit more than that. Though people engaged in this industry may earn lucrative money and that too in a quick way however there is negative side of it too. It is the lonely life of pornography that makes you feel sad and depressed at times. There are many negative aspects of the profession of pornography as illustrated below.

Development of porn addiction

Being a part of the porn industry, some people become addicted to pornography. Their minds get dominated by pornography. In a way they start leading the lonely life of pornography and keep on getting immersed deep and deep in this otherwise abusive world. People working in this industry can’t resist watching the porn contents and materials and may become total slaves of pornography. The condition keeps on worsening if this addiction is not detected and diagnosed well-in-time.

Negative image in the society

Those engaged in the porn industry develop a negative image of themselves in the society. Such people or artists are looked down upon by others. They may not get respect similar to other artists. In some cases, such artists get completely cut off from their social life and lead the lonely life of pornography. This condition slowly takes the form of depression.

Loss of self-respect

Not all people join porn industry willingly. Some people have to join this industry owing to some reasons such as need for money or due to enforcement by someone else. Due to forced entry into this industry, they lose their self respect. In other words, they start thinking themselves to be cheap or characterless. Negative thoughts about own self harms them deeply. It may lead to other addictions too.


Though you can get name, fame as well as money by opting for pornography in the form of a profession however you have to face and experience severe exploitation too. Most of the people working in porn industry are exploited physically, mentally and emotionally. In some cases, the exploitation goes to such an extent that the person being exploited starts developing suicidal thoughts. In fact, some people actually try to commit suicide or do in reality.

Pornography industry has undoubtedly an indispensable role to play in the world of entertainment. But it has its own negative outcomes. Anyone thinking to join this industry must think deeply and be prepared to bear the negative consequences. The negative outcomes of pornography are so severe in some cases that the concerned person is shattered to the core.

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