The Pleasure Of Having Multiple Uses Of A Single Wall

The theory of evolution says that the process of evolution is continuous. Having said that, we mean, changes are constant and those are taking place silently in an insignificant manner. But, the accumulated changes take a toll after sometime. For instance, in research, it has been found that the average height of the human being has increased over the last hundred years. In other words, change is inevitable and believe it or not, it is for the good. Similarly, to protect from the sun, rain, and the natural calamities, men learnt to build homes with permanent walls. But, with the change in time and space constraint especially in the bigger cities, people are increasingly learning to use operable walls to their advantage.

What is an operable wall?

An operable wall looks like any other wall with a difference and the difference here lies in its ability to transform a single place in many shapes and sizes. It further construes that you can take operable walls to places and use those to your unique advantage. People working in the administrative department of an organisation or in an event management company can easily relate to it better.

Key areas of operable walls:

  • Multiple uses: Taking these walls to your side, you can truly create many advantages befitting your needs from time to time. For instance, you can create rooms in a hall on a specific occasion or two without creating any permanent structure there. Therefore, these walls help you in more than one ways creating open or closed space as per your need.    
  • Money saver: When you create a permanent wall, it involves a lot of exercises such as the floorplanning by an architect or a qualified civil engineer so that the floor can take the load of the wall in the first place. On top of it, the wall must be ergonomically sound so that the natural air and light or maybe the air from the AC duct can spread equally to the rest of the house. On top of it, the construction cost of a permanent wall is huge. Therefore, adopting walls that are operable from place to places, you can your hard-earned money that, in turn, contributes to the bottom line of your organisation. On the flip side, an individual stands to benefit from savings here that he can invest in some productive pockets befitting his personal goals such as the kids’ education or joining a professional course for career advancement.    
  • No permanent structure: You know what no permanent structure is always a great advantage as you can use the same place differently bespoke to your requirement.
  • Strong and sturdy walls: These walls do not need any floor track and also have a powerful interlocking system that works flawlessly in tandem with the requirement.
  • Acoustic wall: These walls are acoustic walls. Therefore, you need not have to compromise the privacy here.

In short, the reach and implication of operable walls in your corporate and private life can be manifold subject to your ingenuity to problem solving everyday.    

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