Office hygiene in the spotlight

People like to benefit from clean and tidy office spaces. Working in messy and dirty conditions isn’t fun and it can really impact on the morale among personnel. It’s no surprise then that so many bosses take advantage of commercial cleaning companies.

Indeed, the changing working habits of individuals may be making regular office cleaning even more crucial.

Research conducted by Initial Hygiene has suggested that offices are becoming increasingly unhygienic as more people eat lunch at their desks. It found that computer mice were the dirtiest items on workers’ desks, containing more than three times the average level of bacteria-related contamination found on an average toilet seat

Computer keyboards were identified as the second most unhygienic piece of equipment in offices.

Commenting on the findings, technical manager at the firm Peter Barratt said: “It is now common for office workers to spend their lunch hour eating at their desk, often surfing the web or continuing to type at the same time. This leaves crumbs and other food residue all over the work station, but particularly on mice and keyboards, making them ideal places for bacteria and other micro-organisms to survive and multiply.”

He added that because they are electrical devices, they items aren’t cleaned as often or as thoroughly as other parts of the office.

Managers who want to boost hygiene levels in their working spaces can make use of the services of office cleaning companies. As well as enhancing cleanliness, these specialists can also make bosses’ lives easier.

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