Children learn so much from creating a mother of pearl mosaic

Learning about history doesn’t have to be dull. Teachers can bring the subject to life in a number of fun ways. Ways that help children learn about different periods and events from the past, but also to develop new skills. Like working as part of a team for example.

Different civilisations have left a legacy of wonderful works of art. Employing a variety of different techniques, they captured the essence of their times and left a fascinating insight into their cultures and societies that still fascinate people today.

The technique of making mosaics dates back thousands of years. It’s a great way to get children to buy into history lessons. It’s a fun, rewarding and challenging arts and crafts project to get them to create their own modern take on this ancient art.

Using mother of pearl mosaic tiles and other colours they can get to work together to produce their own piece of historical art. It helps them to improve their dexterity and to develop important life skills, like working with others on a larger project. Plus of course they find out more about ancient civilisations. History is more fun when it’s brought to life like this. Learning isn’t just about formal lessons and books.

There’s a real sense of achievement when they put the finishing touches to their mother of pearl mosaic. Schools are always operating on tight budgets, so it’s reassuring to know that tiles are readily available and affordable. Help children develop and learn through this great hobby.

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