Mortgage Lending Up In May

Residential property can represent a superb investment, and it seems as though many people in the UK are well aware of this. Figures produced by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) have revealed that in the three months to June, landlord investment in residential property increased significantly. This may mean there are now more flats to rent in London and elsewhere.

The organisation noted that the proportion of its members who think landlords are currently increasing their net investment in the private rental sector by purchasing properties rose sharply, from 30 per cent to in April to 39 per cent in June.

Also, the proportion of landlords selling their properties decreased compared with the previous quarter, from 15 per cent to 14 per cent. ARLA suggested this indicates confidence in the sector.

This was despite the fact that tenant demand actually weakened slightly in the second quarter.

Responding to the findings, president of the organisation Susan Fitz-Gibbon said: “Our research shows that rental properties are still seen as a good investment option, despite the challenging economic climate. The slight slowing in tenant demand is worth noting, but the overall trend is still a continued appetite for rental homes.”

She went on to suggest that anyone planning to let out additional properties or landlords looking at changing their portfolio should do “plenty of research and consult with experts”. Ms Fitz-Gibbon added: “It is vital to ensure your investment is properly protected.”

Landlords can also benefit from finding skilled and professional estate agents.

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