Looking After A Cancer Patient Is Not As Hard As You Thought

Cancer is something that can only be understood by those who have it. Outsiders cannot emphasize but only sympathize. This is why chemotherapy is so terrifying, isolating and not to mention mentally exhausting. If you know someone who you love with all your heart, undergoing a chemotherapy process you definitely want to do something to relieve them of the pain and stress they’re under. However it isn’t possible to share the problem but you can help them in small ways that can act as big gestures.

The first and foremost thing is to just be there for them. If not possible to be there physically at all times, it important that you’re with them on call atleast once a day, hearing them out and invoking some joy in their life. Anything you do for them will make their life ten times easier. Chemotherapy is an expensive procedure so even if you offer to buy them groceries and do small errands that will require them to spend money, it will create a huge impact. People have big egos and the ones suffering from an illness have even bigger ones. They will not accept money from you, no matter how hard things get for them. So it’ll be great if you could just help them with some regular items which don’t involve flashing money right in their face.

Letting the patient know that you’re thinking about them is of utmost importance. When someone is going through this procedure every little gesture means the world to them. We all know our loved ones the best, hence everyone will have a different point of view when it comes to selecting gifts. However, if you’re looking for practical items to give away, the following things will serve as great gifts, because Chemotherapy cost in india is quite high and won’t suck out all their savings but also an integral part of their well-being, i.e., happiness.

  1. A meditation app: a lot of the good smartphone applications out there require an annual or a monthly subscription. Just like good things don’t come for free, a good meditation app will cost you very little but will do wonders for a cancer patient’s mental health. Daily mediation will help them with overcoming a lot of life’s obstacles and will help them to live their life to the fullest.
  2. A sleep mask: When a person starts undergoing chemotherapy, they become pretty sensitive to light which is why cushioned sleep masks work brilliantly. Some come infused with smells like lavender and peppermint and assist with sleeping and help you stay relaxed. Choose a mask made out of comfortable material such as silk or pure cotton. Some of them are so effective and helpful that a few patients claim that it has made them fall asleep even during the rigorous chemotherapy sessions.
  3. A house cleaning service: Cleaning the house can be a big problem for people suffering from cancer. With routine visits to the hospital for radiation and chemotherapy, keeping things in place can become a stressful affair, which is again something that is not good for someone who is in such a fragile condition. What you can do as a friend or family, is gift them a house cleaning service so that they can atleast experience the pleasure of coming to a welcoming home giving out positive vibrations.

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