Joon Faii Ong

Joon Faii Ong – Easing The Lives Of Millions With Essential Hands Tremors Better

Essential hand tremors refer to the shaking of hands involuntary by a person primarily because of a nervous system disease like Parkinson’s Disease and other lesser-known health conditions. Doctors treat the condition with medicines; however, they work for a limited period. Moreover, they have harmful side effects, and they face challenges with daily tasks like holding objects, eating with their hands, dressing up, and more. 

Joon Faii Ong – A Glove With An Innovative Design To Stabilize Hand Movements

Gyroglove is an innovative product designed and created by esteemed entrepreneur and founder of the technology company GyroGear, Joon Faii Ong. His innovative glove is unique in design as it can eliminate tremors in hand caused by Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremors. In the last few years, GyroGlove has been identified by technological and healthcare organisations across the world.

He completed his graduation from Imperial College London School of Medicine. He is dedicated to helping people suffering from hand tremors worldwide. In the past, he worked on research in stem cell therapies, regenerative medicine, and medical devices.

He is a practising Buddhist, and he recognises the immense contribution of others to the development and growth of this innovative glove. He is focused on building amplifiers and audiophile-grade speakers during his free time, works out, and sings opera.

Gyroglove Reduces The Dependency On Medicines

He aims to reduce the dependence on medicines for counteracting essential hand tremors. Most of these medicines have adverse side effects, and they work for just a limited time of 10 years maximum.

GyroGlove places a force for compensating any hand tremor irrespective of how severe these hand tremors are. The glove helps the patients retain hand balance. With this technology, hand tremors are reduced, and patients can move their hands freely. They can execute daily tasks like drinking, using a key to open a door, and drinking easily.

Reducing Hand Tremors In Patients Is The Sole Goal Of The Gyroglove

There are over 10 million people worldwide with Parkinson’s Disease, which is a progressive neurological health condition affecting the physical movement and cognitive ability of the patient. One of its significant symptoms is hand tremors, especially in the hands. These tremors start as light movements, and they progress to something that affects the patient’s daily routine.

These hand tremors cannot be completely cured with medicines; to date, they are the only way for patients to reduce them. However, after using them for an extended period, these medicines stop working after some time. Moreover, they also have side effects like gait changes, nausea, compulsive behaviour, and involuntary changes in your mood.

Joon Faii Ong believes his compact GyroGlove invention will not only benefit people with Parkinson’s Disease but those with hand tremors caused by neurological disorders that are lesser-known but more prevalent as essential hand tremors. Other health conditions causing hand tremors include hyperthyroidism, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.