riding your scooter

How To Be Safe When Riding Your Scooter

For scooter lovers everywhere, they consider a scooter or motorcycle to be far superior to driving a normal motor car, and with the exponential rise in fuel prices in recent years, not to mention heightened insurance and tax costs, a scooter is certainly a viable alternative.

Safety is, of course, or certainly should be, your top priority, and to help you be as safe as possible while riding your scooter, you should continue reading.

Add More Lights

When you buy a scooter, especially from a renowned supplier, such as BMG scooters, the scooter will come with enough lights on the front, back, and even across the sides, to ensure that you are visible when riding at night and in dense fog.

However, for extra safety, purchasing some additional lighting fixtures for the handlebars and the tyre guard at the back will make you even more visible, as well as a high-mounted, incredibly bright headlight. Additionally, upgrading your taillight to a brake-responsive one is also highly advised.

Eye & Hand Protection

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of safety equipment of them all when riding a scooter is that of protection, both for your hands and for your eyes.

All manner of different weather conditions can result in impaired vision when you are riding, and therefore, a face shield and protective eyewear are necessary, both to keep the sunlight out of your eyes and the wind from throwing bits of dust and other debris into your face.

When it comes to protecting your hands, you need to keep them both agile and warm to navigate safely, so make sure you buy some high-quality, durable, flexible, and fully lined driving gloves too.

Check Your Tyre Pressure Regularly

Tyre pressure is exceedingly important for your safety on the scooter, and for most electric scooters, the recommended tyre pressure will be between forty and fifty PSI.

When you are thinking about increasing the level of traction for your scooter, you can take the PSI down by three or four, and for faster speed, add between four and five PSI accordingly. In addition, in exceedingly hot temperatures and constant sunshine, you should also reduce your tyre pressure by three or four points.

Always Wear Your Helmet

Finally, perhaps the most important safety addition you could think of for your electric scooter is to wear a durable and high-quality helmet and to always wear it, even if you are simply going down the road.

Like any other piece of PPE for electric scooters and motorbikes, there is a wide selection of different-sized helmets to choose from, and more crucially, you should select your helmet dependent on what you use your electric scooter for, rather than how it looks.

You are more than likely to find that many electric scooter owners choose one with an open face, which means there is no attached chin guard, which will keep you cool in the summer but may not be appropriate for the colder months.