How Hillandale Farms Benefits From Sustainability

Hillandale Farms has a unique farming method. They have centralized its focus on serving its customers only. However, by doing so, they have not caused any harm to the chickens they raise, or to society. In fact, Hillandale has ensured that it offers something back to society all the time. They have implemented a sustainable farming process to add value to the environment.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania States Its Journey

The journey of Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is an impressive one. In 1958, it started as an egg reselling farm which does not have any other objective than to sell eggs. Founder Orland Bethel used to drive coal trucks. However, he changed to a career later and joined an egg farm which changed his perspective completely. Orland began to see the beneficial side of egg farming. With much enthusiasm, he bought farming land and started his egg business. Within a few years, his business bloomed. Orland Bethel succeeded in expanding his business to West Virginia and then later to Pittsburgh. Once these two farms started to run smoothly, Bethel expanded his business further and went to Florida. It was in Florida, he took the decision of raising chickens and laying eggs on his farms. With this started his true journey into the egg industry.

Hillandale Farms is known for the quality of eggs they produce. Also, the farm is known for the reliable service that it offers to its customers. The real journey of Hillandale started after Gary, Orland’s son joined Hillandale. Gary worked hard to make his farm a success. He drove trucks and participated in different types of tasks without any hesitation.

Every step which Hillandale has taken so far shows signs of serving its customers, environment, and society. Hillandale even makes sure to care for the chickens they raise. However, their success has been strongly attributed to their sustainable farming process which they have implemented from the initial stage of their operation.

Hillandale follows water treatment to ensure less water consumption for farming. They use solar power systems to reduce electricity usage. They follow strict regulations for reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Hillandale teaches that following a serving approach always pays off.

Benefits Of Using Solar Power Systems

So, is there really any benefit to using solar power systems for farming? This is a question many aspiring farmers ask. Hillandale Farms has been using solar power systems for its farming. They have set an example of gaining success by giving back. There is a plethora of benefits to using solar power systems.

Solar power systems reduce the cost of farming by reducing fuel costs. Farming gets expensive sometimes. Using solar power systems reduces the cost significantly level. Also, using solar power systems saves water and energy consumption. Solar power systems reduce the need to use electricity for pumping. Sometimes farmers keep their pumps running to run their farms. It wastes water and increases farming costs. Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania has shown that when someone takes a vow to give something back one gets to gain a lot from the environment.