How Do I Find The Best Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then it is your legal right to make a claim for compensation. If you are thinking about making a claim, it’s important to get the right advice before making a decision. A claims advisor or a lawyer will be able to offer you advice about making a claim and advice after personal injury.

Here’s some top tips for finding the best personal injury lawyer:

  1.   Case experience counts above all else

In your search for a lawyer you will come across lawyers who have practiced for over twenty years and lawyers who work at well-marketed law firms. When making a claim, however, the most important thing is a lawyer’s case experience. By choosing a lawyer who has worked many cases similar to your own, your chances of claim success will be much higher.

  1.   Do your research online

Practically all law firms have an online presence including a website and social media pages, and you can find all these by using Google. Search on Google for ‘your type of accident + lawyers’ and see what comes up. It’s also useful to put in a location, such as London, so you are provided with only London-based lawyers. If you find a law firm you like, and they don’t have any testimonials, search for ‘law firm name + reviews’ in Google.

  1.   Write down all vital information

When you contact a lawyer, it’s important to remember that the case-specific advice they can give you will only be as good as the information you provide. Write down in a piece of paper how your accident happened in as much detail as possible and also write down the date and time of your accident, so that your solicitor can answer your questions and provide you with the best advice after personal injury.

  1.   Ask family and friends

The personal injury claims process is a confidential one, however your family and friends will more than likely be happy to reveal the fact that they once made a claim. See if your family and friends have any recommendations or know of any lawyers to avoid. Your family and friends will likely have strong opinions on the matter, however you can use these to your full advantage in your search for the best personal injury lawyer.

  1.   Make a list

It’s always handy to make a list of the lawyers you like. Write down the law firm or the lawyer’s name on a piece of paper, and next to that write down a score from 1 to 10 rating your first impression of them. When you revisit that law firm or lawyer, your second impression may remain the same or it may be lower. Write that down too. In the end, you will have a pretty clear idea about who you would like to represent you.

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