Fresh Foie Gras – A Perfect Ingredient For Famous French Delicacies!

A fresh foie gras is always expensive; however the taste and deliciousness it carries is something that hard to find from any other ingredient. It is a reason, fresh Foie Gras enjoys a great attention from the French chefs. Due to its amazing taste, it has become the most favourite delicacy for French people. Not just in France, but people in every country across the globe adore the taste of fresh foie gras a lot. It is a versatile ingredient that can be cooked in a range of methods.

As said earlier, it is an expensive ingredient; therefore, every nice lobe carries a fear to be ruined during preparation or cooking process. The process of cleaning the lobe is quite delicate as it is truly not a complex job. You can cook foie gras with perfection if you have clear understanding on the type of foiegras you have. So, first you need to know all about your foie gras.

Types Of Foie Gras-

When it comes to foie gras, it comes in two types – duck foie gras and goose foie gras. In most of the countries, duck foie gras is commonly used; however goose foie gras is hardly available in all countries. Especially in the US, you can’t find goose foie gras. So, if you live in the US, then chances are rare that you get goose foie gras. It is somehow good also as having single option in foie gras means “no confusion”.

When you go out to shop for a fresh foie gras, you often get to learn about various grades of them. So, after knowing type, you have to know the right grade of your desired foie gras to purchase. Mainly, it is categorised in A, B & C grades. The grades are based on size, look and shade.

Let’s discuss each of the foie gras grades in detail here:

Grade A-

It is accepted as the best foie gras grade. These are large in size, plain in texture, having a consistent beige colour, no blood spots or blemishes, no veins, smooth, and very firm to touch. When you buy a fresh foie gras of A grade, it will be bright and have a sweet aroma.

Grade B-

The B Grade foie gras is though quite same as that of Grade A, yet it is small in size, flatter with some blemishes as well as visible veins.However, in taste, this foie gras is as delicious as top graded ones. So, you can save some of your bucks by choosing Grade B foie gras on Grade A as the taste is quite identical.

C Grade Foie Gras-

It looks a little pale in texture and is available sporadically. Mostly, chefs use them to thicken sources or flavouring.

So, these are 3 different grades of foie gras with different usages. Although, whichever grade you use, it has to be fresh to have a remarkable taste in your delicacies. Now, you can easily get fresh foie gras from the online stores as it is easy and better way to shop your favourite French ingredient at your doorsteps. The taste of fresh foie gras is something that every French foodie adores the most.

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